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Screw politics.. it's pizza time! 

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I think we should do a write in vote for Splinter!
Mya T
Pizza party = only if Italy wins in the soccer Euro 2012 final tonight :)
Italy!!!!! spain!!!! idk i like both teamsO_o
Mya T
Italy vs Spain, starting in about 15 mins now :)
Spain will go win it....!!!!!!!!!!..lets see what happens/.
well,best of luck 4 ITALY as well...:)
+Mya T i better get invited to your pizza party if italy wins...

damn now i want pizza
dont forget to invite me too...:D
Well i guess no pizza party since Italy lost... :(  ooooor we could have a +Geek+ /G+ pizza party!!!!
Mya T
Nope, no pizza party, but paella is nice too:) Felicitaciones España!
+Anna Simpson it was a disappointing game if you are a Italy fan but on the other hand im also a Spain fan so im not completely sad, Italy is not as good as it used to be...

+Mya T ... Yeaaaaa i dont like paella so dont have to inv for that one lol
Republican pizza is too expensive.  Sorry I can't afford to come.  I will attend the TMNT party though.
I like the new generation Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtle better
first come first serve lol
what the fuck are u talkin about dude science may no tbe fun but without it there will be no internet n is that what ur doin rite now
PIZZA PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
for real! me and my bro would watch them all the time intill the stoped the show we were so sooooooooooooo mad!
Sarah L
i loved that show except now they have that new one thats so stupid
Ahh, so the two primary parties DO agree on something: PIZZA-GOOD, and the wearing of green leotards is still in vogue!
It's pizza time Lilly Pulitzer scarf shopping yikes. Ms. Little Boot's is crazy their higher priced than our Tolani scarf"s......
The ninja pizza party will be the front runner in the next campaign. Were raising funds by raiding Government office's and telling the truth............
What about the party party, the pirate party and the monster raving looney party?
Taxpayers pay for the pizza the NInjas find corruption in Government and lower the cost for everyones pizza. pizza cheap than eat as much as you want, buy some big girl panties...............
Cloud Pizza is on me friends
Who's running for that party. Pepperoni or Cheese?
republican funky party .not smart enoughto be geeks.
My vote is for Donatello he's got the best "staff". If you don't get that it only means you aren't a TMNT fan. Don't say I don't get it in your next response I already told u why.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) used to have been good, when the original series played. Now, it's turned into an intergalactic opera and almost all the original characters are either dead or completely different. It's disappointing.
that's just what they want you to do, enjoy suckers
well well well...lets just forget who just won it or lost it..and concentrate to Pizza whoz gonna invite us..??lolxx
Pizza for president!
It's anyway the only choice for non-Americans.
who are there candidates I  want to vote for nith of the above
Oh great!! Now the debate of thick (my fav) OR  thin crust pizza is on.
I vote thick and chewy, yum@eat your heart out "Pizza Hut" lovers :)
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