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Feelin old yet?

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Not true.  We never, ever, liked it.
I do old fart rants on people who think the only type of networking we need is Wi-Fi, and that optical discs are useless, and that nobody should pay money hard drives in the age of SSDs. They just drive me up a freaking wall.
Heh, I'm old but I'm still keeping up with the times.  Or at least as much as I can afford too.  :)
My nephew made a comment about atari but was described NES, I mocked him with scorn until my sister brought me to reality he was too young to have remember of either arg!
This is a serious problem since half of my office doesn't have a Google account. Guess we'll just leave them behind 
okay this makes me feel old and im only 17 lolol. I rarely use google docs unless i'm working with a lot of partners and stuff haha
You kids with your Ivy Bridge processors. Back in my day. We had to get by on regular old non-Ivy Bridge processors. And we liked it that way. Damn whippersnappers.
Tech. is moving so fast that even something 1 yr old  is a Classic  
I never attached anything. I UU-encoded it and sent it over FidoNet.
I am in my 40's and have similar conversations with a work colleague who 10 years younger, but in my case, he is the one resistant to the cloud!
I sent things over FidoNet. I remember you could send email to university friends that email over FidoNet but it might take a week to get there as the BBS servers passed it along each night.
+Tim Vaughn Sr , that was never clever. The move to the cloud computing is allowing older desktop hardware to play some of the newest games.
The only tech this is applying to is smart phones, and todays tech will work fine for the foreseeable future (a good 2 years).
Why do we have unnecessary jargon? Why do people say "sideloading" when it clearly is just COPYING? Why do we now store files "in the cloud" when we have been doing it for decades and calling it "online"? 
+Nathan Stanley this is just to make you feel that there is something called " CLOUD" which has been recently named.Old wine in a new bottle.....
I used Xterm terminals, text-only terminals, and HPUX and DEC and Silicon Graphics workstations at the university... Usenet was where it was at.
Just flag it. As for the image, I must find a way to use "Googly Docs" within the next few days.
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When I was still in school back in prehistory, I thought downloading an anti-virus program over a 2400 modem from a BBS, on my 286, was teh sexy.

Took half an hour to download a 300+ kilobyte file, which I then saved onto a 5 1/4 floppy disk. You know, those disks that actually flop when shaken?
Shu I started with Vic 20's and I m still upto date if not ahead of today's
Not yet, I remember dummy terminals that were the first "cloud computing" devices
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Excuse me, we still attach documents to emails thank you very much!!!
but mostly trending touchscreening...using tabs..iphones..samsungs..
JB is Canadian with Country and Western award which he STOLED
Whatever, two years is the difference between the iPhone3GS ans iPhone4S release dates.

Aren't you glad someone's keeping score here?
Amusingly enough, the organisation where we work is in the middle of a new DAWN (Doing Away With Notes) and Going Google (Apps)...
Funny part the technology today was created for people of all ages, not just young people, its actually mostly for middle-aged people.
LMAO he 2 years older dan u an just cuz u dun care for newer technology dun meanu  hav 2 call him a kid
morgs p
i think if your reading this comment then you show signs of an idiot, no no i mean genius. you should click on my little picture to hear a click noise
daniel i cant install the android app in my uncles computer
Ah cloud computing. You're like the main of my frame, apple of my eye, Bundesbank of my euro.

\me hugs drobo no matter how attractive and flirty the new skirt on the techno block is. I'll never ever stop backing up into you, you smexy thang.
I've got to hear conversations like this by any chance lol
My father went berserk, " WTF is a cloud? In my day, clouds stored water but the cloud nowadays stores files? You people are crazy wont  it get soaked on water? GET MY BRIEFCASE AND USE IT!"
is like doing it or just doing it?
Just like the at&t commercials haha 
He he...still learn'n that attached file thing ???I can skip that???
Brilliant! Technology changes so fast these days, 2 years is a lifetime ;-)
I remember the days when Google was a search engine.. They was the days.
Sonia N
Lol that's so funny
OK! OK! Some of us like it, and some of us don't. Happy? ;-)
Lol, I have started using cloud frequently, so I ain't old!
Used a tape drive when I was eight. Thought it was a great deal when I bought an 850 MEGAbyte hard drive for only $150. Seen the rise and and passing of the Pentium. For a time, I was even able to build a computer with twice the specs and little over half the cost of OEMs. THOSE were the days.

Now I use a tablet that has no HDD, but twice the power of my computer as I left college. The world has completely changed.

I'm 32 this August.
OMG I know that guy putting head in hands ...
My first harddrive (20 meg in 1985) was $1600 and people told me I would never need that much space.  I like the way things are going! ;)
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