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X-Men members re-imagined as Star Wars characters 

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I feel like Wolverine would make a better Han. He's got the biggest ego, and he's the kind of morally grey character that would shoot first.
+Luke Rogers  I'm not so sure, have you been reading wolverine lately? I think he probably cares less more than any other X-Men what people think of him, meaning he really doesn't even have an ego.. as far as morality, questionable things he has done have really been a pastime thing
+Luke Rogers no way! Gambit has always been known as the scoundrel, and proven it to be true more then a few times.
This is perfect!
The characters fit together so well! Xavier would by Yoda
Awesome Pic Darth Vader has never looked so hot!
+Geek+ who's the X-Men characters for Darth Vader and Emperor Sidious??
Vader is Mystique and Sidious I believe is Storm. 
My question is how is he able to grab Rogue's ass like that?
Rule 63 is fantastically pervasive across the Internet.
marvel + lucasfilm = more fans with no money
If Sidious is supposed to be Storm, why is her face pasty white?
Yea, I think Sidious is actually Destiny.
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