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A good question 

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Well, you either need strategically placed nukes, or you need to generate a hyperspace window in front of the asteroid. I think the latter's still a bit out of our league. ;)
+Jake Weisz who did the hyperspace window? I know i recognise it but can't quite place it...
I can just imagine the asteroid with Stewie griffins voice: How's that space program going, maybe you've colonized some planets, perhaps build ships capable of interstellar travel, etc.
+James Moore I like to believe we were forced to stop because the rest of the universe would not let us mess up more than the planet we now occupy. I believe humanity has been declared a sexually transmitted disease. 
its hilarious but its sooo true haha
Yeah...worked out a way to get through that Van Allen Radiation Belt, yet?
I'm a little spaced out right now but I'll get to that one as soon as I get back to the real world of wonder
Hilarious, AND pretty accurate as well.......
Hemorrhoids, Hows that fiber diet coming along?
I wonder what would happen if the government stoped funding space programs and put the money in education?
Jupiter save us from alot of asteroids with its huge gravity field
Astroids are either made of rock or ice. Either way nuke them will destroy them.
Or start mining them for precious metals.
Asteroids are a tell tale sign of global warming...
+Jake Weisz i had a feeling it was that but couldn't place when or why it was. Thanks. :)
Excellent - way to go - Ben
Am not so pessimistic Dr G - All threats can be minimised or diverted if mankind puts away the weapons and focuses on those threats from space - we have the technology, we can rebuild - Rick
Where's that question mark??



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