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Heck, freaking, yes. This is awesome.
Holy Wow... Marvel Universe TV Series + Joss Whedon is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. 
I figured this was a given...
I believe someone just said "Marvel Universe TV Series?"
Now that he proved he can make money, could someone, after he finishes Avengers, finance Firefly and get it back on air? If I die not ever seeing an episode explaining who Books actually was, I will come back as a resteless spirit.
I know there is comic. But I still hope Firefly will come back on air and do not want to read it. Maybe in a few years, when all hope is lost and my life will have no meaning, I will read it.
+Daniel Jeřábek Many of the actors now have successful gigs going, it's a near impossibility they'd get the crew back. Then there's the whole thing with half of them being dead, and Firefly being too realistic to resurrect people regularly like most scifi.
Serenity takes place after five series of Firefly. You can start after Objects in space, saying that Serenity has not happened yet. As for the actors and chances of geting the show back. I know my hope is foolish, but it keeps me kinda sane. Firefly has a spacial place in my heart and I'm not letting go yet.
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