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This is making the rounds on the net, and I couldn't resist

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John Duff
Because I'm number one!
that's ironic, we're having a Star Trek NG marathon!
Engaging for a terrific 2013, Captain!

Have a safe, healthy, prosperous and a very happy new year, 933k$!
That's right. It depends on what we make out of it. Let's make it happen!
Is this who James T Kirk would have become?
Jules L
Happy New Year Even though here its still New Years Eve
Good call Data. All the best to everybody in the world.......
Have a prosperous new year.
Have a geeky new year.
No, +BILL STACK not yet. Don't kiss your girlfriend before the mistletoe is hung. (I just made that epic redneck metaphor...) You've got a little while to go. I find it funny, though how we all celebrate New Year's at different times due to our time zone differential. lol
Jon A.
To boldly go where no Mayan has recorded before.
+Alex Alex Calm down, bro. +Elizabeth Rouzer is apparently a barrel/troll. Apparently, someone farted in her Frosted Flakes, crapped in her Corn Flakes, hurled in her Honey Smacks, and shit in her oatmeal (LMAO). ... If it is a she. The She-Male could be linebacker for the Rams for all we know.
You're lovely. I understand about fakes.
As an Elizabeth, I want to apologize for the obviously intoxicated comments made by another Elizabeth. Her views don't represent the views of all Elizabeths out there - especially this one. As a TNG trekkie, I love this one. I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year. And please, don't get behind the wheel if you have had a few.
 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013.....!!!

He is great. One of the best actors I've ever seen.
how does1 do that --thats the gods in the universe control--ill just go to olimpia and ask zuzo to stop the storms -hardship --on planet earth and all will be well ---can someone lend me there spaceship i wont be long the kki-ngdom of the gods is only a trillion miles away-and i know u wont mind if i bring it back a little worse for wear---to your decendence
Sorry for that nonesense.. She is being blocked now
Al M.
This is Awesome! Thanks for posting. 
Ha! You think its hair-loss ? Using breakthroughs in stem-cell research, I'm allowing my face to grow to the back of my head. More for everyone to enjoy MAKE IT SO
As you wish, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. At your command.:)
im too drunk to make a NYE revolution. Although if i did it would be, to drink less, party harder.
I need friend people add me at
Live long and prosper every one your friend Frank. Rondon956

Unlucky 13 I wish carry for u happyness
I remember  that one we are in the computer age so act like it?
You got the ideal Cali you must be something at time the things they have it could be so!?
Use it could you imagine a world like that if you ever seen the show?
Your meme is bad and you should feel bad.
Is that a blue bathrobe on Johnathan Frakes?
Making it or breaking it..... thats whats its all about.
AJ it's from the episode where Riker is host to a Trill Symbionte. 

edit: so more or less, yes, he is in a blue bathrobe. 
Anyone else remember the day you could overlay text onto an image and it wasn't a meme? Just a thoughtful image?
Woah, what's happenin here lol
Jesse H
YES SIR !!! Great
dude! don't be so like... formal
Believe me your one of the people wishing
hay, my grand father, you have a nice bread
Look at the old man going o hecks to the no
life is whatever you think it is so what you think this is? -Awolnation
Tepat sekali. Jangan cuma berharap tapi harus berupaya mewujudkannya. Thx Captain Picard.
Is that his wife in the background. Haha
We need you so make it so want a good year
Let's make t so ! Peace Harmony grace
Well... i'm planning to make it so :)
Tony let's make it so.
Peace harmony grace
We need you to make it a good year
So let's make it so I mean

JK Tin

Life is not a wish, but a practice . Happy 2013
you mean this was making the rounds on Reddit.
Gm s
Good suggestion
Yeah, I am nr. 1 already so why try harder?
I was the 3001st person to +1. Awesome.
неправильно сумку отправлены для очистки, Browning пика на 12 октября 1969 Авиакатастрофа, недавно мы обнаружили, письмо машине посылок было отправлено вам, письма теперь дополняют Отправить извинения за задержку рассылки. Дорогая Мадлен, Я не мог спать, не мог есть, я скучаю по тебе. Я приехал сюда, был большой ошибкой. Я сдаюсь Все деньги, но и оставила много женщин. Если все пойдет хорошо, я скоро будут в состоянии купить дом A. Я надеюсь, приятно провести время с вами. Если вы можете простить меня, чтобы встретиться со мной. Навсегда
Picard will be born hundreds of years after 2013.
happy new year to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ahh gold gems of the internet. And that makes is so.

Great sayings about new year
Every man regards his own
life as the New Years Eve of time.
Be happy always .... & I wish you To All
Happy New Year,, 2013 ...
Worst thread ever.thanks Internets.
He looks a little sucked up or sickly. Ljc
Our lives are only what we make them. God said he'll help you if you help yourself. Did you here about rbe guy in the middle of the ocean drouding? 2 Boats and a helicopter came to save him and he sayed no that's alright god will save me. He died and went to heaven and asked god why did you let me die? God said well i sent you 2 boats and a hellicopter.
It's true life is a moving force which does not wait  and so requires pereseverance.
Nothing wrong wishing - are not people working hard to make it great ? 
Yes, why only 2013, let us strive for genuine peace for the rest of our lives
I wish you all the best in this very new year.
I thank God for my live today! Happy new year my friend God bless u all.
all of the world people happy to holidays!
How many read that in his voice?
yaa,,but need so much hard working to realize
Low Kei
HAPPY NEW YEAR @LowKei_ on Twitter
I thank God for my live today! Happy new year my friend God bless u all.
Jean Luc Picard, the most reliable and honorable way to command in the new year.
happy new year...bali beutifull....
this is good thinking cheers for the command its huge
this is good thinking cheers for the command its huge
Lets........................... do it.
I say make it so 2013 is not as bad as 2012 make it so now
Feliz Año Nuevo desde España.
Ryan T
Amen! Life is what you make it, so go out, buy a motorcycle and it will be grrrrrreat!
At least this year I'm gonna follow my heart.. Happy New Year Friends..
Yeah let's help save global one does >.>
Warp factor 10,, 2013 happy new year to everyone of you...
why not coz this year am gonna study hard than last year to make ma parents more proud of me than last year. so i have to wish for 2013
"Make it so #1"
paccard is my dude.....kirk, paccard and janeway fav cpts
is this the episode where he pretends to be in love
with lxwana troi and proclaims his love to her.
and is gonna fight the ferengi to the death for her.
  meh i love tng and voyager too.
All I can say is let's make it to the 21 cent first..
Your killing me bones, and your fired scotty
A new  year and  the War goes on. How do you win when you're going up against a nightmare:)
You consolation is a solid trust in Jesus. Then His peace shall help you face whatever confronts you.
Have are happy new year
On don`t just wish for a great new year , make it so
My response is  that it take a real workable plan and an honest execution of the plan, to make the dream comes alive. Let this year start with a constructive plan to make our year great. Then we should make every effort to work the plan.
Remember also that a trust in God, committing our care to Him in prayer will also help. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding come from God.
May this year 2013 be the best for everyone.
Make 2013 a wonderful year from BB
ei lay
Bye Bye 2012
To boldly go fourth 
Happy New year all of u...
I don't think that's the right hand gesture for "make it so" Funny though.
But the emblem is on the left as it should be. He's probubly was talking to some one one the viewer and making a point. But you're right, funny.
Please let me note this:

If you believed in 12/21/12, I think it is hilarious and embarrassing if you celebrated 2013's arrival. Live longer, don't worry about your death, and stop trying to tell us when the world is going to end, okay? You're not Earth's supervisor. How about instead of worrying about when the world is going to end, you should worry about what you're doing that would cause the world to end. The sun is not going to explode, but our ozone layer is thinning by the minute. We are destroying ourselves, but you seem to blame it on other things and try to find reprieves. Stick to one story and keep it in your brain. Let's just say: " We told you so...". 

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