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Raphael Uduhiri
Chelsea fan that loves Tech and rnb
Chelsea fan that loves Tech and rnb

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I have song lyrics in my head that I've been trying to find the artist. Can I ask that in this group?

Had to go back to the Nexus 5. Couldn't take the constant slowdown and freezing on the 5x. So far on the Nexus 5.... None of that crap

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The Nexus 5x is a worthy successor to the Nexus 5. I love the better images the camera produces (especially in low light), better battery life (especially with the doze feature) and super fast finger print sensor (faster than iPhone or GS6). With all that said, the time it takes for the camera to take a picture is abysmal. It takes forever by today's standards and is not consistent. Is this something that can be fixed with a software update?

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So much truth!
You don't get to demand phones be sold cheaper and cheaper, growl about decisions to omit features or hardware to get the price down (you "no [feature] NO BUY" people are insufferable), and then shout about how great a phone is "for the price" when those missing features or a lesser experience exists when compared to other phones.

Either demand the best and pay for it, or accept reality.
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Nexus 5 2015???

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Too funny

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