The +Social Media 4 Good Nonprofit Power Circle Is Yours

This circle is comprised of 400 of the greatest organizations in the world, along with various nonprofit lifers, fundraising champions, NPTech aficionados, and other social good advocates.

Although we all have separate missions that drive our purpose, our most unifying attribute is in helping others. Let's help each other succeed online and ultimately offline to realize a better world for all.

"What the interconnected age in which we live allows us to do is instantly connect with each other." —Heather Brooke

To add this circle:
1. Click 'Add people'
2. Name the circle (ie. Nonprofits)
3. Click 'Create or add to circles'

To be added to our future Nonprofit Power Circle:
1. +1 this post
2. Reshare this post publicly
3. Leave a comment below using the G+ account you wish to add
4. Join the community:

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