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I need some advice with #gettext! For a small embedded project, I have to use some ASCII codes in the translation strings which are above 128! How do I enter these codes? msgstr="\x129" doesn't work.. The generated .mo file still have the escaped string in the text, but I need the character code at this place. I've tried "\128 \x80 \x{80}" but all this doesn't work.

How can I change the #UUID of #exFAT formatted SD-card? Linux mtools do not support exFAT, and the original sdcard has IO errors. The card is used in an #Android device, and all stored pathes are using the scary uuid...
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Schöner Artikel für Hobby-Fotografen.
Portraitfotografie Tipps
Portraitfotografie Tipps
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Benutzt hier jemand eine externe USB SSD mit Trim? Ich habe eine SanDisc Extreme 500 heute mit ext4 formatiert und dann fstrim drauf losgelassen. Das hat natürlich nicht funktioniert. Sonst wäre es ja auch zu einfach. :-)

Ein hdparm -I meint, dass das Gerät generell Trim unterstützt.

Woran das das jetzt noch klemmen.?

I need some help. I'm using the nextcloud (owncloud) client on Android from the first days on. The auto upload feature is one of the most import features for me. But until now (latest android client from the Play store), it never worked as expected. Some times files are uploaded, some times files remain in the upload queue.

But now, nothing happens! I've selected an existing folder (not uploaded before), assigned an newly created storage location and configured it for auto-upload while Wifi is on.


Sometimes the files gets uploaded while the smartphone is charged. So I leave the phone connected to the power supply for the whole weekend! I also tried the option to upload only while charging. Nothing....

Does this feature work somewhere?

I'm using 4 Android clients. All connected with my Nexcloud server. None is working!

Friends on mine has given up and they are using FolderSync. IMO this is not the solution I want to use.

So, what is the correct way to use auto uploads?

Is there a QtMessageHandler open source implementation out there, implementing the "Windows Event Log" mechanism?

Or is there a Qt Widget which displays a logging window with binding to QtMessageHandler?

I want to have a simple to use (for users) "real time" logging for Windows builds without writing messages into a file.

I'm using the latest Nextcloud client on my LG G3 running LineageOS. I using the upload feature to sync photos to my local server. The upload is restricted to WiFi only. Now, after two weeks without WiFi, the client had 20 pictures to upload.

After 8 uploads, which started automatically, the upload ist "waiting". I can force the clients to continue. Even restarting the phone doesn't help.

I see these failures for many releases now, but I can find reason for a solution?

Does anyone else have these problems too?

Is there another solution than using Foldersync?

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Interessanter Gedanke. Und das Ermitteln von Fakten / Daten vor dem (überschnellen) Handeln sollte eigentlich selbstverständlich sein und immer erfolgen. Das dem nicht so ist, ist eine traurige Tatsache....
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