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After the update to the latest Android client, the App forces me into the new upload settings to update my configuration! Here I have enabled two folders again. Now I have the problem that previously taken photos are not uploaded again.

How do I trigger this "automatic upload"?

Note: the automatic upload was active before!

I would like to use the power connector of the SATA connection for the power supply. What type / manufactorer should I use? I couldn't find a matching connector neither at Molex nor at JST.

This evening, I've got a prompt by the owncloud client. I had to setup my connection again! The sync directory (~/owncloud) was valid, but something went wrong. After the configuration, I had to setup all the other settings too. I'm happy that none of the files was corrupted.

Has anyone had the same problems?

I'm running Debian Jessie with the openSuse repository.

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Ich freue mich schon drauf...
Morgen setzt Schiaparelli, das Landemodul von ExoMars, auf dem roten Planeten auf. Infos zu den verschiedenen Instrumenten an Bord von Orbiter und Lander gibt’s auf der ExoMars-Missionsseite.

Die Landung kann am Mittwoch, 19. Oktober, ab 15 Uhr bei den Kollegen der +European Space Agency, ESA im Livestream verfolgt werden:

I've tried to add the organization name to the qmake .pro file using the following line:


This doesn't work in two ways.
(1) it is not (or no longer) passed to QApplication and
(2) spaces leads to the replacement with " -D"
(3) compilation failes with the note that a macro misses a terminating quote.

The sample above is passed as -DORGANIZATION_NAME=\"org -Dname\" to the compiler.

If tried this

DEFINES += ORGANIZATION_NAME=\\\"org \\ name\\\"

but got this


So what is the correct why to define the organization name and domain within the qmake .pro file?

I'm using Qt to remote control a device over a serial communication channel. While testing the communication, I've recognized a unknown behavior.

If the user changes a QSpinBox, a valueChanged event is emitted. If I use setValue, this event is emitted too.

Is there a way to disable this behavior?

Once again, a silly questions of a Qt beginner... ;-)
I've designed a Qt dialog with QtCreator. To get a "key/value" form, I've used a QGridLayout with two columns. To use radio buttons as selection, I've placed a QHBoxLayout inside a grid cell and added some QRadioButtons. I have two of these groups in my dialog.
After a first try, I've realized, that the two radio button groups are not independent!
After looking into the documentation, I've found QButtonGroup. A thread inside the Qt forum explained how to add radio buttons into these groups.
So far so good. I've placed the radio buttons into two groupd. A "show members" selects the expected buttons. But running the program still shows me the previous behaviour. All the buttons are still in one group.
I've played with the "autoExclusive" attribute of the QRadioButton elements, but without success.
Any hints?
Update: the generated moc output adds the radio buttons into the QButtonGroup es expected.

Just one more question...
I've read somewhere in the documentation, that objects on the heap must not be free'd, if the parent is a QOBJECT based object.
So, I do not need to free a QAction because I pass the this pointer of the main windows as parent. What about a dialog? I allocate my dialogs with new in the constructor of the main windows. They don't get a parent reference.
Do I have to free these objects?

I'm looking for a simple way to change the color of a QSlider. I want to use 2 QSlider to define the RGB values of a color. Each slider should have the color it changes.
I've played with stylesheets, but this changes the look completly. I just need the knop or the body of the slider colored. What is the easiest solution for that? Thanks.

Das Paket siunitx verhält sich ein wenig seltsam. Wenn ich Toleranzen mit \num verwende, dann bekomme ich den erwarteten Ausdruck. Nutze ich hingegen \SI, dann wird der gesamte Ausdruck in Klammern gesetzt. Ich habe die Paketoption separate-uncertainty global auf true eingestellt.
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