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Kathleen Gordon
Operations Director, Blogger, Writer, Mom, Occasional Lawyer
Operations Director, Blogger, Writer, Mom, Occasional Lawyer

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The Next Thing
Tonight's cocktail, which I had at the Cherry Circle Room at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel in February, is called The Normans: "Rye, calavados [an apple brandy from Normandy], demerara [pretentious brownish sugar], angostura." Yes, please. The Norm...

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By Herself
Tonight's cocktail is a Blueberry Buck, which I had during a recent visit to Atlanta. Blueberry vodka (I don't really like the flavored stuff because I prefer to infuse it myself, but it was OK), lime, ginger beer, shaved nutmeg. In the spring, I had the ho...

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No Medal Needed
Tonight's cocktail is a blood orange mimosa. Equal parts blood orange juice and prosecco (or champagne, if you prefer). Image via Pixabay , because I drank mine too fast to photograph it. Not long ago, I had brunch with a friend and his adorable, well-behav...

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Let's Move!
Tonight's cocktail is water straight up, served in the water bottle I got in my swag bag from the White House the other week. Oh, right. I went to the White House the other week (as one does), and now Michelle Obama is my BFF. Or at least close enough. No b...

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The Holidays Didn't Suck and I Don't Know How to Feel
Tonight's cocktail is a capairinha the size of my head, served at a restaurant on Ocean Drive in Miami Beach over the holidays. It wasn't as good as I would make it (muddle a bunch of cut-up limes with sugar, throw in some ice, fill to the top with cachaza)...

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Dating And Vegan Eggs
Tonight's cocktail is a Lady Outlaw from Teddy and the Bully Bar in DC: vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemon sour, and lavender bitters. For those keeping score at home, 6 months out from having my heart smashed, burned, and the ashes scattered to the winds, I...

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Parenthood: Now With Science!
Tonight's cocktail can be with or without booze (I recommend bourbon), as the spirit moves you, or doesn't. Chanukah is already over for me and mine, but the wonders of Jewish Christmas (Chinese food and movies - yes, we really do that) await. Also, we stil...

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When the Kids Are Away
Tonight's cocktail is a Sailor Boy martini that I recently had at Teddy and the Bully Bar in DC. Ingredients: The Bay seasoned vodka (vodka infused with Old Bay seasoning) and dill vermouth with an olive and a cornichon. The name should have prepared me for...

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Kathleen Gordon commented on a post on Blogger.
How are you reading my mind? I agree with this 100%.

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Boxes and Baggage
Tonight's cocktail is a Cucumber Basil Smash from Seasons 52 - Cucumber Vodka, White Cranberry Juice, Agave, Fresh Lime, Cucumber, and Basil. Lots of stuff, crushed flat and shaken with vodka, sweetened and served on the rocks. Like me. One of the things th...
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