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Martin Ohm

I'm using Samsung Galaxy S5 active with Android 5.0, no root

Track recording / hud problem: I've experienced this twice now: while recording a track, after a while the recording stops. The track line is discontinued, while gps still works (the red arrow shows my correct position). At the same time, the hud freezes, displaying the same values all the time. Turning off gps and turning on again does not help, nor does stopping and restarting the recording. I even shut down the app manually in the app manager, and even after restarting it the problem remains the same: frozen hud and discontinued track line. Any idea? Thanks Martin

What happened to It is my favourite map by far and it seems to be offline. Will it cone back? I very much hope so!

I recently updated to 4.4.2 and mytrails is no longer able to save offline maps on my external sd card. I know this is a known 4.4.2 issue. Will there be a solution for my trails? I would rather stay unrooted...

I have upgraded to MyTrails pro (in-app-purchase).
This seems not to have worked, because when I try to download more than 100 tiles of Microsoft Terrain, I keep getting the message "too many tiles for the free version (max. 100)" (this is a translation of the German original message "...zu viele für die freie Version (max.100).
Any ideas?
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