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Kim Bongiorno
Blogger at LetMeStartBySaying, Author & Freelance Writer. Being a mom, wife & writer would be easier if Life would stop chucking things at my head. Like lemons. And poop.
Blogger at LetMeStartBySaying, Author & Freelance Writer. Being a mom, wife & writer would be easier if Life would stop chucking things at my head. Like lemons. And poop.


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Just added two new appearances in New Jersey for September. Hope to see you there!

#NewJersey #booksigning #booktour #funny

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I made a video of my 5 favorite ways to hide from kids during summer break: YOU'RE WELCOME.
#summerbreak #funnyvideo #parentinghumor #kids #mom #motherhood #LOL +FamilyEducation

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Weeeee. Are we having fun yet?
#fireworks #fourthofjuly

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All you need to do to win all of the books below is make sure you are subscribed to my Sunday newsletter by adding your email address here:

CRUSHING IT by +Joanne Levy
"It's the perfect laugh-out-loud read for middle graders."
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“A.K. Turner can turn even the simplest family story into a rollicking, outrageous, hilarious adventure. Buckle up!”
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ONLY LOVE TODAY by Rachel Macy Stafford of The Hands Free Revolution
"This is a timeless book of inspiration to remember and live for what really matters."
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LEGACY by S.L. Buckley
"you can't help but get lost in the story"
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LIVVY TAKES THE LONG WAY by Elsa Kurt of Modern Melly
"A hard, honest look inside marriage and divorce, love and hate, parenting and the roads we travel to find forgiveness and peace not only for those who've hurt us, but for ourselves."
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Women write kick-ass books.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm in a book on this list.
#summerbooks #books #butdidyoudie #amreading

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Okay this giveaway not only opened my eyes to a new thing Amazon offers, but also HOLY CRAP THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY

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TODAY'S THE DAY! The 5th in the New York Times bestselling humor series for parents is now available everywhere you want it to be:

Amazon Paperback:
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I'm honored to have earned a spot in each one of these books, and promise you it's a darn good time. Thanks for reading along!

Hey--want to come to my book launch party? Get info here:

Want to learn how to help support your favorite authors? (And since there are over 3 MILLION fans, combined, of the contributors to this one, I'm sure some of you want to!) I share 8 easy options here:

#ButDidYouDie #book #parentinghumor

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When your youngest child is about to become a middle schooler and you realize OMG IT REALLY DOES GO BY SO FAST.
My latest on +Momtastic
#schooldays #motherhood #parenting #middleschool #kids

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A little potty mouth exposure never hurt anyone.

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Did you all know that the next book in the New York Times bestselling I Just Want to Pee Alone series (which I'm in!) is available for pre-order? Yep. If you order BUT DID YOU DIE? right now, it will ✨magically✨ appear this Sunday. WOO HOO! Here are all the links to do just that:
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Google Play: #parentinghumor #motherhood #books #funny #momlife #parentingbooks
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