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Teri Green
Cheeky Strumpet. Storm Chaser. Aquarian.
Cheeky Strumpet. Storm Chaser. Aquarian.

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Be proud of Hartosexuality! 

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Perfect for Christmas Day brunch

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This is too too cute. I almost can't stand it.

Went to the doctor today - have dropped 19 lbs since last visit in clue how that happened. Then, I stopped at the store to buy some Shock Top Shandy (extremely rare occurrence) and....I was carded!!!!  Totally made my day, as they card anyone who looks younger than 30. So, my reasoning is that I should go to the doctor more, and buy more beer. Pretty soon I'll be a 130 pound twenty year old again.

Lol. You couldn't pay me enough money to be twenty again.

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I'd like to give a shout out of respect to my grandmother, Pat Eckhart, who was an illustrator and writer for the Toledo Blade, and who skillfully illustrated Lou's invaluable birding guide. Even with the advent of the internet and photographs aplenty, there's something deeply satisfying about turning to my copy of this book, signed by author and illustrator alike, to locate a bird that has just alighted upon a pine tree branch outside my window.

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My daughter was a full-term stillborn - she died during induced labor, then they made me go through almost 24 hours of labor, and it still resulted in a c-section, but not before I became very sick. Because she never drew breath, she never was considered to be a living child. This was in 1989. I wonder if this had happened now, what the result would have been, to me and the status of my daughter. . .

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It's just getting "off the ground," but if you're interested in how a cash-strapped full-time caregiver goes about repairing and remodeling a neglected mid-century hodgepodge Brady Bunch house, and (hopefully) embarks on a quasi-urban homesteading adventure while still retaining 7.8 percent of her former sanity, then this is the page for you!

So, my last post was a downer. I know. I get it.

Today I played Cupid and delivered chocolate to all my co-workers (all women), who were very appreciative and commented that my gift was the first or only Valentine's wish they had received.

In return, I got hugs, and bonded with my colleagues at an estrogenic level.

I'm not one to normally fixate on the lives of celebrities, but I confess I am greatly troubled by Whitney Houston's passing. Many crass jokes are already circulating on the interwebs, and people are blaming Bobby Brown, or minimizing the loss to her loved ones as "just due to drugs", but this woman had an amazing voice and talent, and her music formed much of the soundtrack of my youth. What her life devolved into is a tragedy, and not because she was famous or talented, but because she was a woman, a mother, a daughter, a human being. Whether her passing was caused by drugs or natural causes shouldn't change how much sympathy is accorded to her loved ones. If it was caused by substance abuse, then it should serve as just another cautionary tale that all the money in the world cannot prevent nor cure addiction. Do I think substance abuse contributed to Whitney's untimely death? Yes, I do. My step-sister, who was my age, passed away a few weeks ago, after spending the last two decades abusing drugs. We had our differences, but in the end, I just see how drugs lay waste to people's lives. It bothers me to see it in my immediate circles and on the news. It saddens me and makes me worry for future generations. I just felt like sharing this point of view. Thanks for reading.

You know you're over 40 when the HVAC repair guy tells you your furnace may need a capacitor and you hear "Great Scott! Your flux capacitor's shot!" And then you wonder if you'll ever have enough money to buy a DeLorean...
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