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Veeky Leonora
You can take a Sarawak girl out from Sarawak, but never Sarawak out from a Sarawak girl
You can take a Sarawak girl out from Sarawak, but never Sarawak out from a Sarawak girl

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Something new from the old can be a good thing...
Dikelala bungai ari kayu, Dikelala buah ari langgu, Dikelala bansa ari jaku, Dikelala adat ari penyiru, Dikelala kaban ari ngepan. The Land of Hornbills recently
witnessed one of the grandest weddings in Sarawak history. It was the wedding
of the great gran...

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The Costume of Dayung Bisingai
After many years of witnessing ethnic pageants I would say ethnic costumes of different ethnicity would have different versions and styles based on its locality. However, particularly with the modernisation of fashion itself and trend, the " originality " o...

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Borneo Hornbill Festival has always been my muse ever since
joining its pageant six years back in 2011. Why is it my muse? First of all, it has always inspired me to do more
exploring, digging, seeking on what is Iban all about. The fact that there are

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Bala Indu Bengepan
Bala Indu Bengepan   (Pelilih menua pegai Betong enggau Saratok) Indai aku Madam Sylvia Sayah Bala petunggal aku siku ke nama Bibi Tera lumur dua ari kanan Bala Indu bengepan nya udu lawa. Ba sanggul sida diujakka
sugu tinggi pirak belilap ti dilagu enggau ...

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An Experience to to be Treasured, Pekit Kumang/Keling Raban Ngepan Iban Peringkat Negeri Sarawak 2017
First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Steven Abas Anak Patrick Agus also known as Mimi Helmi for inviting me to be as one of the panel jury for the competition. I would like to also congratulate his Raban Ngepan Iban team for organising this event success...

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What does it take to be Kumang Iban Borneo Hornbill Festival?
What does it take to be Kumang Iban Borneo Hornbill Festival? Personally, after being in the Borneo Hornbill Festival family for five years, I see that this event grew from a merely simple get together avenue among young Sarawakians to showcase their costum...

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Who will be crowned the next Miss Sarawak Ethnic Iban Category 2016?
It seems that the years flew by so fast that Borneo Hornbill Festival is going to be organising its 8th Edition of pageantry with the tagline THE GR8 Road to London BHF 2016 .  Now, it has gone through a long haul of adventure and culture findings for the p...

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Who wil be crowned the next Miss Sarawak Ethnic Iban Category?
Sa, Dua, Tiga, Empat, Lima, Nam, Tuuujuuuhhhhh....... Seven is the lucky number for Borneo Hornbill Festival this year as it celebrates its 7th Year of establishment in promoting Borneo to the public. One great success of Borneo Hornbill Festival is that it...

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Mr. George Pansiol of Magic Shutter Photography
Let’s see
who I can feature today as our Borneo friend…..      Let me
introduce to you Mr. George Pansiol or fondly known as “Angkol George”. He is
the official photographer for Borneo Hornbill Festival 2014 under the team
called Magic Shutter. Magic Shutte...

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Borneo Hornbill Festival 2014 - Miss Sarawak Ethnic (Iban Category)
And so, Borneo Hornbill Festival closed its curtain for 2014 and the winner of Iban category has also been crowned. This year's winner was Ms. Nathalie Dinggai , an English teacher from Kapit, Sarawak . Beautiful and graceful in her own way, she managed to ...
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