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The new online shop for Swinton Park went live today at – if you’re looking for a gift voucher or a cookery course in beautiful North Yorkshire take a look.

This online shop is my first use of Shopify for ecommerce. I used to ‘roll my own’ ecommerce solution and that’s still the best option for ultimate customization. However, for most purposes it makes sense to use an ‘off the shelf’ solution so that everything just works. A similar argument applies to using WordPress as a CMS rather than creating your own.

A few updates for the website of the Lakeland Businesswomen’s Network –
WordPress upgraded to the latest version, a new version of their template and some general rearrangement of the content.

Responsive Design is the buzzword of the moment for websites that scale and degrade gracefully across a range of devices from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

My website is now responsive. I can’t claim any great technical credit for it though. I simply upgraded WordPress to the latest version 3.6 and derived a child theme from the new default ‘twentythirteen’ theme.

This seems to work OK and provides a good foundation for making my other websites responsive.

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