Thinkin' Tags Release v0.4.0 - Responsive Web Design

Here we are with a new release and a fantastic new feature. Thinkin' Tags finally supports CSS3 Media Queries and therefore is ready for responsive web design. This is a big milestone on the road to the first beta release.

I updated the YAML templates "My Simple Website" and "YAML4 Flexible Grids" to be fully responive, so take a look at them to get a first impression whats possible now within the application.

Another important improvement of this release is, that you can now choose which stylesheets should be included in every page of your project and your are able to adjust their order. This can be done in the CSS Rules dialog in the right panel.

Take a look at the screenshot that is included in this posting. It illustrates where the new options are. I hope you like it. And at last, the website of Thinkin' Tags got a redesign that is much more fresh, clear and finally fully responsive too.

Many of you have asked me to improve the editing possibilities of CSS - especially to import existing code. I am aware of these wishes and the next releases will focus on improvements in this area.

That's it for now. Let me know what you think about the redesign and the new features of Thinkin' Tags and tell it to the world. 
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