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Preservation of humanity's and/or our collective planetary organism's consciousness is the primary objective of such an existence.

Start buying electric cars America or concede American Automobile Manufacturing to China in twenty years when there will no longer be internal combustion passenger vehicles sold.

In case many of you are unaware, twenty years is now the time horizon of the complete automobile electrification transition. Of course, gasoline will remain to be available throughout a widespread independent network for a decade (2045) or so. After which there will not be the market to support such a widespread network, it will become a novelty market.

In the future, either you will have the money to own an electric car or you will subscribe to an automobile service or have one-off usage which will have the car drive itself to your door.

Hastily prepared thoughts on disbanding police forces and what the inevitable successor would be:

Well, to do that,...many things would be necessary to proceed going forward without a police force:

-Violent/serious crimes, can't/won't be eliminated. State level for all investigations,to enable the possibility of assuring uniformity of the system.
-Total drug legalization & regulation. Need for state regulatory enforcement
-Eliminate poverty through a variety of methods non-governmental (three words: secured synergetic prosperity), government guaranteed income and/or mandatory living wages for 40/hr work week w/ governmental welfare programs to fill in gaps.
-Weapons registration and vastly better controls than are presently implemented.
-Universal Healthcare
-Vastly improved mental health services.
-Some sort of human involved traffic monitoring system
-Real control over financial system & commerce. Far too many people are out for quick bucks laying waste to the livelihoods of far too many victims. Or as I call them Domestic Enemies.
-Vastly improved educational system. Cookie cutter high school diplomas have to go, replaced with something which reflect the individual's talent/skill/potential.

Almost all of this falls under government services, for it to be remotely effective, no privatization.

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Looking over the Friday (19 August, 2016) night game stats from the game between the Miami Marlins at the Pittsburgh Pirates leaves me troubled by a statistic [Win probability added (WPA)].

In the ninth inning, of said game, there are two (2) statistical anomalies which I would wish to point out. These anomalies result in a negative WPA for two (2) players who were in situations beyond their control. One a coaching decision [a sacrifice hit (S)] of one player's team and the other a coaching decision [an intentional base on balls (IBB)] from the opposing player's team.

First anomaly: Ichiro Suzuki sacrificed to catcher. JT Realmuto advanced to 2B. Win expectancy (WE) went from 43.8 to 41.8, Suzuki's WPA for his plate appearance (PA) is listed as -0.019 WPA from a sacrifice hit, which resulted in the first out in the top of the ninth inning.

Statistically this result is fine, on its face, as the team's win expectancy was reduced by the change in situation from one play to the next. My problem with this, a sacrifice hit is widely regarded as a coaching decision and is not reflected in a players batting average (BA), yet this PA adversely affected Suzuki's WPA, for not only this game, but for the season & career.

This was Suzuki's 49th career sacrifice hit, or 49 coaching decisions resulting in the change of a player's career performance statistic WPA. Though I acknowledge not all of these WPA's results were likely negative to Suzuki's career WPA, as a sacrifice hit is a scorers decision in which the player can still reach base safely, though this information isn't readily available, but not unknowable.

Not all of Suzuki's 49rh career sacrifices likely carried as much weight, as this one ninth inning instance, due to the lateness of the game & situation, which resulted in such a relatively high affect on WPA, however if that weren't true and this represented Suzuki's the average affect on WPA, considering his career total in sacrifice hits is nearly a whole negative WPA point. As list on your site,, Suzuki's career total for WPA is 15.03, an entire point drop due to coaches' decisions is significant, upwards of a 6 percent difference. Which is undermining the casual observer's regard for Suzuki's career performance.
In this instance, my argument is this (and for that matter all coaching decisions) the WPA change is a team statistic which should not be reflected in any individual player's WPA, or it (those plays) should be reflected in a new category, team win probability added (tWPA).

Second anomaly

Due to the length of this message, I merely mention the play (and added brief commentary) resulting in a negative WPA for the player:

Starling Marte intentionally walked. Before the play WE 52.2% after the play WE 51.9%.

To wit, I say is significant on two levels: the aforementioned opposing team's coaching decision (IBB); and I'm reading in the future the IBB may only be recorded as a base on balls, which will subsequently will be removing it from game history statistics, unless accompanied by corresponding pitch-by-pitch locations and/or otherwise written/video/audio account.

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Very cool, if this sort of thing interests you....

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If You Will, I Proffer My Thoughts on "Nothing":

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False Security of Open Carry
What's more scary to me than these Open Carry Domestic Terrorists is how easily they can be disarmed. A motivated person wanting to do harm, in a matter of seconds could disarm and kill one of these unsuspecting gun nuts.  Carrying a firearm demands the car...
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