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Hair Pin Peony. Resin Flower.
Hello. I would like to show you my couple latest creations.  The hair pin Peony in tender creamy and gold
colors. Absolutely beautiful hair accessory is for wedding or other special
day. And that one-of-a-kind hair pin could be only yours. Still available i...

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Forget-Me-Not Tsumami Kanzashi plus 3 hair swirls.
Hi. My flower garden from previous post transformed to Forget-Me-Not Tsumami Kanzashi and available on Etsy  in the shop BestPeopleCa  and also in my personal shop  LittleCraftRoom by BetsPeopleCa . The hair pin made from scratch by me. 30 tender blue flowe...

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My Forget-Me-Not garden.
Hi. It' my garden full of Forget-Me-Not flowers. Small but charming.  Forget-Me-Not handmade flowers.  I love to spend my free time in my  Little Craft Room . I believe the new Hair Pin ( Resin Kanzashi ) will be ready next week. I will list the hairpin for...

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My Personal Shop finally opened.
Hi.  I opened my personal shop. I am still in the process of filling up the shop with my items. I am also working on the shop design. Will be very happy if you visit my shop and give me some suggestions on design or anything else. You will find there not on...

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It's so sad....
Looks like I am writing to myself only or no one like my Christmas gift... I did not get any responce to my previous Post  Christmas Gift . It's so sad. :( Ok. Happy New Year to me. I make new  Hairpins last month. You can see pictures below. They are sold ...

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Christams Gift. Free. Most popular Hair Pin.
Hello. Today I would like to make Christmas Gift to some one of you. It is going to be the most popular hair pin 'Forget-Me-not' similar to the one you can see on the picture.   I will send that resin kazashi to the one of you who will mention my blog  Best...

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Ocean Necklace
Hi. There is my new hobby.    I enjoyed making it ! I hope you will enjoy wearing it or just looking at pictures. This pendant is reminiscent of a warm, exotic ocean. It captures the scene of peaceful, crystal clear water where you can see starfish resting ...

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Jasmine Hair Pin.
Hello.  Just would like to share with you the images of my new hair pin Jasmine. Probably I should make the pictures of that hair pin on black background... Anyway, flowers look tender in reality. They have white pearlescent color. I added 2 swarovski cryst...

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Tsumami Kanzashi. Custom Order.
Hi. I would like to show my new hair pin that I made for Elizabeth. This tsumami kanzashi is made of gold toned wire, chain, and Svarovski crystals. The flowers are a color similar to that of a white pearl. This is a tender, eye catching piece for special o...

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Resin Kanzashi Forget-me-Not. Pictures from Ginger Wedding day.
Hi. I received today the pictures from Ginger. She made custom request for comb Forget-Me-Not for her wedding day a several month ago. I have wrote about that here  Special order for the very special day. And today... I am so happy to receive these pictures...
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