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Seven Stones, Vol 1: Alone No More is now available from major retailers:


Plagued by nightmares of shifting stone and ancient evil, Absolution Kobb, Reverend Militant of the Order of the Maker, journeys to the northern edge of civilisation.

From the moment he arrives in the village of Morth, he is treated with disdain and ill-trust. A disdain that turns to violence and accusations of grievous assault.

But not all the villagers wish Kobb gone. Anessa Tanton, more at home in the woods than among decent people, refuses to let her neighbours lynch someone; even if they are a religious fanatic.
Together, they are more than a match for a few prejudiced youths, but how will they defeat an evil powerful enough to reshape the land itself?


Find your favourite retailer here:

How much conversation for the sake of conversation is too much?

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Like all Goths, if you force me to chose I pick devoted immortals over social nicety.

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"Neilsen found that 71 percent of black people play video games, yet less than two percent of the characters in all video games represent any person of color."

Shocking yet unsurprising lack of representation.
#morethan28days #jubilantjuly #blackwomeninstem #BlackGirlMagic

I played The Sims a long time ago and yes, the choice of skin tones was definitely lacking. It's great that instead of just accepting it, Amira Virgil took action. Bet the devs at The Sims are taking notes now. 

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my thoughts are
vague longings
dusted with despair
~ RC deWinter

If you had three sons, which would you have return safe home from the sea?

Is a bowler or a topper better for storing soup?

Organic free range
Fair trade ethical unbleached
Recycled paper

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Dumping fracking water into rivers, lakes, and streams can cause lasting environmental damage, according to a recent study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology — even if you treat it first.
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