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Show your diety you mean business. Shop around, get a few quotes.
Show your diety you mean business. Shop around, get a few quotes.

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I have a bit of an issue, and I am not sure what the problem is.
Found solution. For now.

Whenever I try to push/send/ring (as an example) to any of my other devices through voice, I find that sometimes it does not catch what I am saying.

However, if it does pick it up I get a "Which device?" pop up over and over, and it does not matter which one I tell it to send it to, the same pop up keeps appearing over and over. Tried changing the names of my phone and computers and nothing.

It obviously picks up the fact that I say "Computer," it just does not understand the rest.

For comparison, I can use Google Voice Search on the same PC without issues. So it is not as if I am mispronouncing anything.

Tried it both, from my PC and Laptop. Same issue. Anyone else?

Quick question,

I am on Oct-M R-3 and the ROM was working fine for a few days until suddenly I got the MMS Bug.

Which is basically that you cannot send a MMS, and you suddenly also lose data. You can see an exclamation mark in the reception bar icon and sometimes the only way to send a MMS is to be connected via WiFi to a hotspot, which for some reason allows you send an MMS. Yes, I can shut down data also and restart it and that seems to work fine to get my data back, however, I was wondering if any of you had a work around.

There a number of supposedly working fixes going around but nothing is ever conclusive. The closest I got with another ROM was to simply switch to a different SMS client, Textra, to be exact.

However, that does not seem to be working on this ROM. Or Yaata or a number of other SMS clients I have tried.

I also tried to combine my APN, and although that allows me to NOT LOSE my data, the MMS still do not go out.

Any ideas, please? 

Hi Everyone,

Just found this community by chance. I was doing a bit of research on some ROM's for my old NOTE II.

Anyway, thought I would share/ask if anyone of you have ever heard of this ROM.

Please keep in mind this is for the T0lte.



So my GF also bought Join, and I was wondering what is the exact procedure to share/send the service with each other. I went to the site and perhaps I missed it but I could not find a set of instructions.

May someone be of some help? Thanks everyone!

Tried adding the Windows10 app to localhost. Tried following your steps and all I get is "invalid parameters." The line of code seems alright, is the app name correct? 

Just as a silly idea, has anyone thought of integrating Google Now as it has been done by Action launcher? Sure, it is not accessible to all but for those who are rooted, well, you would be giving something innovative for now as there is only one other launcher that has done it. Food for thought.

Decided to jump into Join and unlock it.

Any update with the Firefox extension? I have checked the community and the last update was roughly 6 weeks ago.

Also, I tried installing the extension for Firefox, following the instructions and the app does not install. The pop up to sign up in the extension never pops up.

Is it just me or is anyone else is experiencing the same issues? I am on latest Firefox. Thank you.

Edit: Damn Autocorrect

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An awesome launcher! 
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Lucid Launcher:


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Whoa! TIL in 1997 two men inspired by movie "Heat" tried to rob US bank while being heavily armed and wearing custom made body armor. In deadly shootout that followed police was so outgunned that had to borrow weapons from gun store nearby. Whole shootout was captured on camera from helicopter!

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I posted before about how Disa is using crazy battery and CPU. The last stat was from a Cheetah mobile app, so everyone though it was a false negative. Here is a photo of just the battery use. Higher than the OS itself. 
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