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Why is Wikipedia down today? Why is Google blacked out? Because Congress is trying to pass SOPA and PIPA. These bills would literally, no exaggeration, break the Internet. As someone who runs networks for a living, I can tell you that passing these will do nothing to stop online privacy, but leave every website open to being taken down arbitrarily and capriciously just because someone doesn't like their content.
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Literally "break" the Internet? My bf and I were discussing this last night.
Thanks! I'm very curious. I just wish the Wikipedia landing page today wasn't quite so cheesy. :)
I wish that google had shut down today too. That would have got people's attention.
I do like the blackout over Google's logo on their homepage today. To me that is effective.
Hit it on the nail, it is because someone doesn't like their content, hmmm, who could that be! Americans need to take back America from these politicians who are being bought and paid by corporate America!
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