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My One Year Fitness Anniversary
Last November was the month I decided to get serious about losing weight- November 1st to be exact.  I did my research, started carb cycling, and ordered NLA for her supplements.  That month I chose to start Chalean Extreme which is a weight lifting beachbo...

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Motivational Tips For Getting Fit That I'm Learning On the Way | LBB Fit
Hey readers! Tonight I am talking with my mom about IIFYM eating, and I was thinking of some tips about keeping herself motivated that I could mention while I am teaching this to her.  I thought I would share them with you as well! These tips are what I use...

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A Story About Jeans | LBB Fit
This is a post from Instagram, but I wanted to share this story with you too! (Sorry IG followers) "I put on my new jeans this morning
(also my new favorite ones), and I couldn't help but remember a childhood
memory about a favorite pair of jeans.  I've s...

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My Story & Why I'm Trying to Get Fit | LBB Fit
I have struggled with my weight my entire life; probably since I was 6 years old. I was the fat kid. Luckily, I was fortunate to have friends that never really teased me about my weight, so I was pretty naive until the ugly teenage years.  My daily outfit c...

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Talking About Weight loss on myLBB! | LBB Fit
HELLO!! I took a break from blogging because I honestly didn't know how to write about decadent treats and pretty hair, and still keep up with fitness/healthy eating regimen.  I have also been busy with school! BUT now I'm ready to talk weight loss on the b...

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Last Year's Halloween Costume | Favorites
Hey there! I know it's been awhile since I've posted! I have my excuses- starting trying to eat better again sooo meals are kinda boring, and no sweets are being baked :(.  I been working out a lot soooo I haven't worn pretty clothes in a long time :(.  Of ...

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Thank You
Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you for all the great comments! I really appreciate the feedback.  I'm hoping to have some new posts up in the near future :) Take care -Mikayla

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Top 5 Songs of the Month | Favorites
Hello there! Here are my top five songs of this month! 1. You Make Me Happy by Sophie Madeleine 2. Royals by Lorde 3. Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap 4. Cross The Line by First State 5. Somewhere in My Car by Keith Urban What are your favorites this month? ...

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Contact Information
Hey everyone! Some of you have been requesting contact information. You can email me or you can message me on myLBB's Facebook page. You ...

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Revlon Photoready Eyeshadow Review | Fashion & Beauty
You all know that my favorite eyeshadow broke a couple months ago... so I was in the market for a new one.  I really wanted one that was ...
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