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How to Unlock AT&T iPhone Without Restoring your iPhone
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I chose an easier myself an Android. [snicker]
My wife is currently using a Samsung Exhibit that acts up every week, or everyday. I called in her old 3g for an unlock code. So I'm hoping it gets approved, so she can use a functional phone until the iPhone comes to Tmobile by the end of the year or next year.
What does "acts up" mean? Freezing and the like? Tried resetting?
Freezing, when she gets a call the screen is blank. She constantly has to take the battery out to reboot it. This is a replacement phone that Tmobile gave us. Right outbreak of the box it started freezing up. Even with no apps and a new SD card. 
Should make 'em replace it again, or root and reROM it. Sounds like an OS issue.
I would love to root it with a custom rom. I'll need help with that dim your team. 
I'll look into it today. It's an old enough phone that there should be lots of info out about rooting it. Once it's rooted, the rest is cake.
I hope so. I may even trade phones with her :)
Looks like there are three main methods of rooting the Exhibit (is it the Exhibit or Exhibit II?). Both require you to root it via a PC. - This one uses Zerg to root the EX2, and looks pretty straightforward. They even give you a link to the EX2's drivers. Looks like it might work for the EX1 too; Here's a video walking you through the process: samsung exhibit 1 & 2 root - SuperOneClick is a very well known rooting tool that will probably work fine on the Exhibit. It's not specifically listed as compatible, but isn't listed as incompatible either, and it will root a slough of Sammys. You will need the EX drivers for Windows as well.

The third that I found uses an app called Unlock Root. However, this one seems a bit sketchy, and really only does the same thing that Zerg and SOC do, but combines both into one tool. ( ... see the Update note).

Also, check out the LifeHacker rooting guide here:

If you want to send it to me, I'll give it a shot, but no guarantees that I won't ship back a black brick ;-)
This phone is not worth the shipping fee . It's the EX1, I did use the Zerg root for the first EX1 to see if Set CPU would help at all. It did not. As far as custom roms are involved. What's the easiest way if doing it? It's gotta be easy like 7 out of 10 easy. 
Changing roms is super easy. Simplest way is to use a replacement Recovery like ClockworkMod or 4EXT (my favorite). ClockworkMod can be installed as part of ROM Manager ( You can install 4EXT by using the 4EXT Recovery Control app ( If you install ROM Manager, you have to use ClockworkMod, but you can install ROMs from within the ROM Manager app (it automatically boots into Recovery and installs the ROM). ROM Manager has some ROMs available for download within its own menu, or you can install a ROM that you've placed on your SD card. It's pretty straightforward.
Yeah Jeff you need to tell it like it was me my first time. Like this, install this app, open App, touch here, wait 10 seconds..... Am I right Archie? They are talking in code. He already has it rooted. Stay with us here,I promise we can make it easy.
Oh man, you're hopeless! It was in English, although maybe not a dialect that you understand :-). Let me do some screenies and get back to you.
Hey I am the one who translated your needs
Yeah Jeff thanks for bonding Archie and I, we are like cyber bonded. Now get working on writing Archie a "recipe"
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