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Bannister Nicholas
Games Designer, Programmer, Artist and English Teacher
Games Designer, Programmer, Artist and English Teacher

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Monday News: This weekend I celebrated my 42nd Birthday. The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything. But at 43, I think its the time in your life when you know what it means for you.

For me, the Meaning of Life, is exactly that. Life. How to Live, How to have a Life, Creating Life, then teaching that life, How to Live, How to have a Life and How to Create a Life, In this way, my DNA lives on, and I become Immortal. (and some time in thousands or millions of years, they'll find out how to recreate all ancestors from your DNA!)

For DD12, (Dungeon Delvers Twelve) This is the Start of my Journey. I hope to post a catch-up on Mondays, Bring you news of the Journey, whats been happening and how you can contribute. I want to help others with their projects and goals, so if you know any Artists, Writers or other creative people who'd like to piggy back on a project, gain some experience or just motivation to create products, guide them this way. I've already 'recruited' 20 people via Simbi, drawing art, making short stories, or comics, based on "DungeonWorld" and "The Coyn World"

Projects: Over the weekend I discussed the Gamesmasters Deck of Many Things.. a small project with 53 cards to help GMs make plots (or help GMless games progress)
DW PDF Print test, I've been researching how to create PDFs dynamically, via csv & css. I need this to ensure the books are cohesive and mathematically accurate.
Artists, talked to 3 more artists this week, so I'm getting them to do some concept work to see if they have the ability and style that I'm looking for.

As we ramp up the creation of the game, I just wanted to touch base with all the friends and roleplayers that have been alone for the ride in some form over the years. I'll be blogging the mid and final stretch of Kickstarting this game.

Many of you knew it as "Dungeonworld" which, although I still have ownership and full rights to, is more commonly known in the roleplay world as a rules lite game (the very opposite of mine).

So, I've created a "Simplified" version, I've looked at all the characters I had, made a stack of averages, and set them down as 'average bonuses' for standard characters.

Knock out the XP & HP for each and every item, lock down the skills to simple/medium/hard, and viola (so far) Dungeonworld: Automatic.. or now known as

Dungeon Delvers Twelve. For those who don't know.. why would I name it thus?

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My First Review - Clash of Rage.

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Since I am often on Kickstarter, commenting to my friends about why a project does or does not do so well, maybe others can benefit from my thoughts on the matter.

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Small towns, cut off from the main trade routes, seemingly develop their own language over time:

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Does Story trump rules? Only in cartoons and comedy
Over at Raging Owlbear , There is a thread about how Story trumps Rules. He makes some good points, yet at the same time misses some (IMHO) critical issues. This is not just Owlbear, This has been seen across the board with so many threads on so many forums...

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My Thoughts on Pay-to-Play in roleplay, As a Full-time Paid GM.
At the height of my career, I was taking home almost 6 figures as a paid Gamesmaster. This is my story. Pay to Play? Gotta be worth it From 2003 to 2013, I was a travelling English Teacher, I started raw, I didn't know what I was doing, and frankly, it surp...

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I'm probably not, but maybe by stating so, we'll find out who is?

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So, it might be that I'm the highest paid GM in the world?
I was having a chat with a guy online about what it is to be a Paid GM, and we were looking for an analogy, some people refer to artists or movies or such, and as we talked about it, I admitted that I was already a paid GM for years, and he was offended, bu...
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