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I was sorely disappointed to find out that +BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse has stopped serving their pizza's in the deep dish pan it was cooked in. Not only that, but i feel our pizza was NOT cooked in the deep dish pan! The cheese and toppings didn't go all the way to the edge, there wasn't a crust on the edge, and the bottom of the pizza was soggy and not crispy. I signed up for the rewards at the beginning of the night, but returned the card with the check because if i go back it's only going to be for the beer. Boo. I guess i'm going to have somewhere else to get my deep dish fix now.

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Good overview of fitness levels. 

Next beer in the hopper is +Austin Homebrew Supply Strong Winter ale! It's my first high gravity beer so I'm pretty excited! #homebrew  

The saddest sound in the world... when you go to pour yourself a #homebrew and all your tap does is sputter.

In other news, I'm officially out of homebrew. 

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We've got a few magic words for you: Stone Smoked Porter w/ Vanilla Bean French Toast. After you let that wonderfully decadent thought sink in for a moment, feel free to check out the glorious recipe, courtesy of The Beeroness: Beer for breakfast, yo. We won't tell.

Goodnight Internet.

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English Dark Mild, it finished just in time to close out the Olympics! #homebrew   #makeyourowndamnbeer  

Kegged my English Dark Mild last night. Now I apparently need a new O-ring for my gas in poppet valve post :( #homebrew

Dear Netflix:

I ditched cable in favor of you. Your recent changes are making cable look more and more appetizing.

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To my crafty friends, prepare to have your minds blown.
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