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I care about the users
I care about the users

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I still have no idea what the experience is when I share something with people in my circles who aren't on Google+. I think I'll add myself to a circle with a different email so I can find out.

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Halifax-proud, Skratch Bastid - free Mixtape:

Qui est les meillures sites en français concernant le UX, la technologie, le graphisme?

It seems funny to invite people to Google+ without the option to add a personal message.

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Google+ is for enterprise:

"The ability to create MY circles for the people I want to categorize in different ways makes so much sense. It overcomes the problem of having IT decide who I can interact with while leaving me free to include business partners outside the enterprise walls."

I find myself looking around the web for "+1" buttons. I don't think I've ever clicked a Facebook "Like" though.

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