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Russell Taylor
Christian pastor, happy husband and father of three.
Christian pastor, happy husband and father of three.

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Why I Not An Atheist. Part 1, by Ravi Zacharias
Proponents of atheism have a more prominent voice than perhaps they would have in years past. Is there any validity to their logic? How can Christians answer the critiques? Ravi Zacharias explains why he is not an atheist to an audience at Princeton Univ...

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The Christian Is Not Ordinary
     Saints, you are not ordinary. Nor has God called you to live
an ordinary life. When the Apostle Paul writes to the saints at Corinth he is
obviously frustrated that they are “behaving only in a human way” or in a way
that is “merely human.” By the time...

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Good Friday Book Recommendation
The Death of Death In the Death of Jesus Christ, by John Owen Good Friday is a day for remembering the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are interested in an in depth study of the ramifications of His death on the world, then I would highly recommend t...

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Over 250,000 Children Slaughtered So Far In Trumps First 100 Days
          I believe that life and personhood begins at conception and
the responsibility for the life of the conceived child begins then as well. I’m
not going to convince those who believe otherwise of the error of their
thinking, but I do want to address ...

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An instant classic to add to good books on the spiritual disciplines.

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Delightful Discipline
     What do a Grammy winning
actor, a Fortune 500 CEO, a Super Bowl winning quarterback, a Doctor of
Philosophy, a President, a school teacher, and a beggar all have in common?
Nothing. They all finish with nothing. Nothing of eternal value. At least

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Prayer School: Our Father
     “Our Father in heaven…” What a wonderful thought. The
thought that the Creator of all that is, residing in heaven as “Our Father” is
astonishing. First, he is ours. He is a personal God who cares for us
personally. When Jesus began to teach his discipl...

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