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About that time to watch a movie. Finished testing to see how I will set up to record and video piano lessons and still working with the lighting. Once that's done will make sure the audio is good and then put together a few test lessons to see the results. Overall, a pretty good day. The weather was beautiful and supposed to be for the next few days then drops back down in the 60's but hey 60 is good for winter time. Right? Have a great night googlers plus
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Thanks Patricia. I will let you know how it turns out. Hopefully, it will be a fun thing to do and help others learn to play piano without having to have a set time each week for private lessons.
+Andre Bowers Sounds good...I can use some lessons to fill in the "gaps" in my jazz comps...never took a class in jazz piano and it comes to haunt jazz bass chops and my classical piano background help me make it through...along with my ear...but i would like to feel more secure...if you know what I mean...I will look forward to what you are doing...
Patriacia, I am flattered because I have heard your music you do very well. I have two exercises that I like to start my day off with and years ago I would go through the hanon exercises on a daily basis but I am not doing much classical other than teaching it. I like to start with both hands an octave apart with my left pinky on C2. With both hands I will in the key of C go through the chords scale wise. So I will arpeggiate the I, ii iii IV V7 Vi Vii half diminished for 2 octaves in the key of C playing each chord/arpeggio twice before moving to the next chord for 2 octaves then reverse direction. Once the key of C is complete I will move chromatically through all the keys. My count is 123 123 123 123 then move to next chord. If you really want to challenge yourself do the exercise without having the piano turned on making sure each finger in both hands plays together.

My other exercise I like to start with is going through all 5 qualities of chords. CM7 C7 Cm7 C HALF DIM C FULL DIM. Arpeggiate each chord 4 times back and forth then move chromatically through each key. Then through all inversions.

Let me know what you think.

+Andre Bowers I will give it go Andre...yes, Hanon is my bible...I think that is because of my classical training...I will try the other soon as I get my gear back in the house...sheesh...long 5 hour rehearsal yesterday with the UD crew and my body is killing coming up and I think I need to hit the gym again!
Ahhh..the good ole days...I remember having to carry my Kurzweil PC88, Roland D-20, Peavey amp and monitors to band rehearsal and gigs...don't miss that at I use the casio privia px-330 24lbs and my lap top with Reason software along with the motif soft synth library....yeah, playing gigs you gotta make sure you stay in's no picnic up on stage...I do now want to get the casio px-3 next and have been looking at the korg kronos and the kurzweil pc3le8 but since I do everything in the box I really don't need the extra gear. Weighted keys and good piano feel is what I like.
+Andre Bowers I really can't Korg M3 weighs nothing compared the old stuff I lugged around...I also have a pair of Mackie SRM 350's for amplified speakers...they are briefcase weight...they are a little problematic in terms of covering a big room...must have pro sound system and I use them as complete mix monitors...the truth is I have been sitting on my arse too much without enough exercise so that is becoming as important as the guys are great helping me pack up...I don't even need to do the "girl thang" want to go your doing...I just am too old school...I am not trusting it because of how I got crazy with trying to trigger sequencers...I need to have 4 arms and 3 feet to do it recording is magical...I just love live shows because of the fan contact/magic...and backline isn't trustworthy...even on the big the gym I
Yeah....the girls always get it easy when it's mostly you can put in 30-40 a day exercising it beats going to the gym for 1-2 hours a couple times a week. It's what you do on a regular basis daily that will give you better results....just like when you were studying piano...better to practice 20 minutes a day than a few hours every couple of days...playing live is great I just got tired of all the non career minded musicians that had full time jobs to hold down.
+Andre Bowers I agree completely with the shorter daily exercise and practice routine...yes, the day gig thang...finding like-minded musicians is always tough outside the A-List crew...a music career, in our genre in particular, is much like the dream of an NBA career...few make it to the big leagues...requiring time in LA or New York..and maybe having a spouse or patron to support you while "making it"...tough duty...our guitar player had a chance to go on tour for two month in China..we encouraged him to go...good money, good experience...but he missing home like a truck driver on the road...tough duty...this is why I can understand being in one's studio creating commercial music for sale...and that is in free fall because of bittorrent and streaming sources...sigh...I am feeling a bit challenge
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