His story is moving, his spirit inspiring and his courage unshakable.

H2O Overdrive is proud to sponsor Ethan Bennett during his run across America - The Run To Fight. We're with you Ethan - every step of the way!

Check in regularly for updates regarding Ethan's coast to coast journey as he raises money for Livestrong to fight cancer.

"I can't stand to see another child lay in a hospital bed not knowing if he or she will live, or hearing about a mother who passed away before her children. This run is about YOU. For those affected by cancer in any way shape or form. So that one day, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day we will beat this disease and live our lives on our terms, not cancer's." - Ethan Bennett

Learn more about Ethan, his story, the run, the fight against cancer, or how you can sponsor his run and honor a loved one by visiting www.runtofight.com
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