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"Anderson Live" premieres today! Find out when the show airs in your area:
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Watching now! Love KC! Love AC!
Simply love your show and great to know Lisa is having a baby....Congratulations on a great show. :)
Simply wish the minions that work for him would update his page!
I love your shows, you seem like an honest, sincere, down to earth guy. I only have one problem; your movement against bare feet. I am fifty years old and on disability. Among other problems I have fibromyalga. I love shoes and have a closet full of them that I Can't wear. I even buy shoes over a size larger than I wear . No matter what shoes I choose to try to wear after a short time my feet swell, hurt, and burn. I am in pain every day, sometimes can't even stand to get out of bed. I have no choice but to wear open shoes or take them off. You have started a movement. A lady DJ. Brought it up just a couple days ago! Should I never go anywhere because my ugly feet offend someone? I'm shocked you never concisered the feet that you are so offended by hurt so bad the person attached to them might wish to cut off their feet and end the suffering? Thanks for reading! Belinda 
sorry  i meant to like it. i ended up sharing it instead. sorry
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