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Looking to be a professional organizer? Check out our teleclass!

Wednesday - February 11th

FAQ - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Eastern)

Thinking of organizing as a profession? The Vice President of NAPO-NC offers an informal opportunity to ask questions and obtain information from an established organizer's point of view. FAQ Sessions are offered several times during the year as a teleconference. The purpose of these sessions is to answer specific questions about Professional Organizing and provide a well-rounded perspective of the industry as a whole in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. To participate, please contact NAPO-NC's Vice President [TROY KIRSCHNER]  at .

There is a $40 fee to participate. for NAPO NC members the fee is $20.

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Clutter does affect your health! Ask WebMD!

NAPO-NC January 15, 2014 Meeting Speaker:

Christine Warrington  
"Organizing Your Way, To An Auction"  --- "The Value Of An Auctioneer"

Name of Speaker:  Christine Warrington
Name of Company: Evalstar Auction Services 

 EvalStar Auction Services is capable of handling all of your client’s auction needs.

Ms. Warrington not only guides fundraising efforts to make it as profitable as possible, but she helps build upon prior success and lay the groundwork for future, successful events. Her hands-on experience in nonprofits, business development, marketing, entertainment, and coaching has shaped the way she consults with clients, inspires audiences, and achieves breakthrough results time and time again. 

When you hire a professional auctioneer, you are also hiring the credentials and experience. Ms. Warrington has certifications in both Benefit Auction Services and Auction Technology Services through the National Auctioneers Association which she will fully utilize to coach on effective strategies to make for a hugely successful event. 

If you’re looking for bottom line results with a personable and attentive staff, EvalStar Auctions Services will go the extra mile to assist you with your planning needs to ensure a successful event by providing auctioneering services as well as consulting services prior to your auction to help you maximize auction results

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Today’s holiday organizing tip comes from Nancy Haworth of On Task Organizing.  Store your holiday decorations in airtight containers with proper packing material in a climate controlled area.

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#entertainingtips  The  BEST parties are the ones where there are lots of places for wandering, for hanging out, for intimate conversations and for talking to new people.

How to Arrange Your Room for Entertaining..that will encourage your guests to mingle! 

From +houzz

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