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Volleyball Player as a Hobby
Volleyball Player as a Hobby


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Sales Training Course in Big Data & Business Intelligence Amsterdam

Become a successful salesperson at Mr Data Amsterdam. This is a 4-day sales course for those who intend to prepare for a new career in the world of selling Big Data & Business Intelligence Solutions. In this course, you will learn to "read" your own behaviors and those of your customer. What does the customer really want? What needs does the customer have? How can you respond to these in order to achieve the result of your customer and your company?

Register Today: For our “Sales Training” Course in Big Data & Business Intelligence

In 4 modules across 2 tracks Big Data (A) Track and Sales Track (B) you will get an overview into the leading edge tools and Big Data topics your customers are engaged in. Having a technical background and B2B sales experience is not necessary.

Target Audience

Account Managers in IT, SaaS, Big Data
Pre-Sales in IT, SaaS, Big Data
IT Recruiters
Junior B2B Field Sales

Study Overview

Big Data Track
Sales Track
Introduction to BI & Big Data
> Business Process & Analytics
> Big Data Business Trends
> IT, BI and Big Data Sales Jobs
> IT, BI and Big Data Skills
Introduction to BI & Big Data Sales
> BI & Big Data Sales Trends
> Self-Assessment
> Best practices in BI & Big Data Sales
> Sales Skill Framework
Database & Data Warehousing
> Database Fundamentals
> Demo of ERP Database
> Demo of a CRM system
> Demo of DHW system
B2B Sales Fundamentals
> Lead Qualification
> Cold Calling and Appointment Setting
> Using a CRM System
> Stakeholder and Time Management
Business Intelligence & Big Data
> BI Fundamentals
> Big Data Fundamentals
> Demo BI system
> Big Data Applications
Insight Selling
> Pain and Vision Recognition
> Analyzing Client Needs
> Insight that mobilizes action
> Turning data into a sales proposition
Selling Big Data Integration Project
> IT / Recruiting Case Profile
> Student Demo and Sign-Off
1.1 Module 1a “Introduction to BI & Big Data”
Learning Goals

Information from BI & Big Data systems help companies make better decisions. Better decisions about the product, finances, human resources, sales and operations. Of course, in order to know how executives and buyers use these systems, it is important to understand how they work. The module will cover the basics of BI and Big Data including the latest trends. We will also provide an overview of what will be coming in the next 3 sessions.

The BI & Big Data module is designed to help you understand customer business processes in relation to database systems, business intelligence and other big data systems. After following this module, the participant is able to establish a relationship between the customer’s business processes and how they are using these systems.

We will also discuss the latest job opportunities in these companies and the types of roles you could expect from a beginner's level of knowledge.

The following functional areas are covered:

Key Business Processes of BI & Big Data (Sales, Finance, Human Resources)
Sales Jobs in fields like: IT, BI and Big Data
Learn Basic in IT, BI and Big Data Sales


The introduction to BI & Big Data is a primer for your intensive 4 week course. You will learn all the basics of the systems, the jobs on the market and the ways enterprise clients are using them and buying them today. "Big data is becoming an effective basis of competition in pretty much every industry," said Michael Chui, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute." You will be entering a new world of business that will be growing exponentially for decades to come.

1.2 Module 1b “Introduction to Selling BI & Big Data”

Learning Goals

This introduction will provide you with the latest insight and trends to selling IT, BI and Big Data solutions. Big Data and IT Sales to enterprise clients is one of the most lucrative fields in business today. This module is designed to introduce you to the skills of the pros and ways that top sales professionals at IT companies like Microsoft, SAP and Oracle work.

You will begin by learning about the latest sales trends and key insights in the big data, IT, and SaaS industries. We will then conduct a scientific personality assessment that will tell us about your current communication and sales strengths. We’ll teach you how to use this information to your benefit, with your employer, and in your future partnerships. Creating value through selling is a noble profession, if you work on it! Partnership work demands a lot and you deserve to know what kind of odds and strategies are most effective on the market today.

The Scale-Up Toolkit is based on the current realities of business and technology. Most business opportunities involve more than 6 decision-makers. We offer a new mindset and VAMP framework for establishing opportunities with new partners or expanding value with existing customers. Module work includes:

Learning the latest sales insight in the BI and Big Data sector
Taking a Self-Assessment: Our psychometric assessment that will identify your strengths among 6 personality types and how to use this to improve your communications
Learning about our sales framework “VAMP” method for developing partnerships and how to open any discussion


The introduction to Sales Training in Big Data & Business Intelligence is a primer for your intensive 4 week course. Using this approach, individuals will learn how to OPEN a powerful conversation, add value through insight to any conversation, and to approach negotiation with a growth mindset of what is possible, rather than starting from what is feasible. Long-term practice with these tools includes personal and corporate growth. Immediate results are increased lead conversion, faster buying cycles, and established buyer confidence.

1.3 Module 2a “ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Data Warehousing”

Learning Goals

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This module will cover everything you need to know about ERP systems. Through literature and practice cases, you will learn all the parts of the program and learn how to create data in a large enterprise. In the MR Data web learning environment, you follow relevant homework assignments.

Learning objectives
What is an ERP system? ERP systems help organizations to record their information, financial operations and employee data. Central to the various business processes within a company such as Sales, HR and Customer Relation Management. The company SAP offers many different software modules. The emphasis is on the question of how data is created within an organization and the possibilities of converting this data to information for managers and other stakeholders.


In addition, the participant learns in this module the added value of a data warehousing system for organizations. The following important concepts are covered:

Key data warehousing definitions
Main components of data warehousing architecture
Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Warehousing Tools
How can BI and Data warehousing systems support the decision-making process?

This SAP BI BW data warehousing course will discuss the following topics: Introducing Web Intelligence, Restricting data returned with query filters, Report Design Enhancing the Presentation of Data in Reports, Formatting Reports Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables, Using Multiple Data Sources Analyzing Data Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Document

1.4 Module 2b “B2B Sales Fundamentals”

Learning Goals
IT and Big Data executives love to buy, but they hate to be sold. This is the premier course to show you how to understand the lead qualification process through to conducting a powerful sales meeting.

This course will teach you about the advanced world of good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and take you on a tour of how the best companies use a leading tool on the market today.

We will also give you the tools to open any conversation and keep it going. You will experience an intensive interactive session where you will learn how to discuss the types of software and business issues clients are dealing with. You will also learn about managing multiple stakeholders and your time.
Most complex IT agreements today involve more than 6 internal stakeholders. We offer a new mindset and our VAMP framework for establishing opportunities with new partners or expanding value like an upsell or cross-sell with existing customers. This module will cover:
Lead qualification: You will learn how to quickly convert a conversation or learn how to move on
Cold Calling and appointment setting: We will demonstrate the best practices in calling, opening conversations and simply booking an appointment.
Problem and vision recognition: You will learn how to use our VAMP framework to understand and document your client's buying motivations.
Stakeholder Management: Putting together plans and strategies to manage large groups of enterprise buyers
Using CRM systems and manage your time to the most effective way.

Using this approach, individuals practice creating partnerships that align to corporate purpose. You will have tools to start a powerful customer experience, evaluate customer-value fit, and set a clear growth journey for your customer. Long-term practice with these tools includes personal and corporate growth. Immediate results are better market alignment, lead conversion, and buyer experience.

1.5 Module 3a “Business Intelligence & Big Data ”

Learning Goals

The goal of the Business Intelligence & Big Data course is to provide insight and information on the most current technology and systems in the field today. Students will get to interact with performance dashboards, performance tools, and learn about how companies effectively use business intelligence (BI) decision-support applications.

This course will provide a strong foundation for Big Data and Business Intelligence fundamentals and advanced tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and SAP BI.

All successful companies have invested large sums of money in business intelligence, warehouse management, data tools, and technologies. Up-to-date, accurate, and integrated information about their supply chain, products, and customers is crucial to success. With the advent of mobile, social, and cloud platforms, today's business intelligence tools have evolved considerably. They can be subdivided into five areas, namely: databases, ETL (extract, transform and load), data quality tools, reporting tools, and statistical analysis tools. You will learn about all of these in an interactive and fun way.

In this course you will learn the basics of business intelligence and data analytics systems from the perspective of the salesperson. You will also get to see and understand the types of reports your future clients use to making better decisions. The subject of Business Intelligence addresses a number of important issues that can help you better understand and direct BI initiatives in your organization.

1.6 Module 3b “Insight Selling”

Learning Goals

IT Solution selling is dead -- the future is mobilizing buyers with insight. Learn how to sell data with data, applying 3 types of "insight" in any situation to advance the partnership the SAP way!

The dominance of technology in business has shifted to data, and the amount of data we create and consume multiplies daily. Although 75% of companies say they are data driven, only 29% successfully connect data to action (Forrester). It has also been reported that the average company could increase annual sales per employee by 14.4% if it increases the usability of its data by 10% (Univ. of Texas).

The Scale-Up Group will share 3 skills to gain insight from and use data: diagnosing, directing and distilling it. You will learn to “connect”, “convince” and “collaborate” with customers. Make your numbers pop and use our 3 insight types in order to create context and sales utility for the data you and your client’s are working with or motivated by. This module will cover:

Analyzing client needs: We will demonstrate the most effective way to both provide insight and draw it from your client
Insight that mobilizes action: Because around 6.8 decision makers (Challenger Sale) now make complex decisions you will learn how to mobilize the people all at once using insight
Turning data into a sales proposition: You will learn the art and science of putting data into a story and paint a rich picture for your client through the process of “distilling”, “diagnosing” and “directing”
Using this approach, individuals practice creating partnerships that align to corporate purpose and the product you are selling. Often the CIO and technical staff are the most persuaded by technical information. You will also be given the tools to start a powerful customer experience, evaluate customer fit, and set a clear growth journey for your company and customer. SAP, one of the companies you will be learning about in BI and Big Data is using insight to grow by 30% each year. This course will teach you how to sell like they do!

1.7 Module 4 “Integration Project”
Learning Goals

In our integration project, we offer real life case studies. For us it is important that what you learn how to perform in your future or existing career. In this module, Mr Data and The Scale-Up Group will provide you with real life case studies they themselves have encountered or are currently working on!

You will learn a leading method of forming value propositions in any situation, company, product or buyer and you can take this skill into any profession you choose.

We will also integrate everything you have learned thus far. CEB reports that 6.8 stakeholders now make big BI & Big Data purchase decisions. This course will help you learn how to mobilize these teams and how to shift your pitch depending on your product and audience.

Specifically, we will look at the CIO/CTO function and IT recruiters. The module will complete with you presenting a demo of a profile solution and closing the deal! Module work includes:

Case Study: You will learn an incredibly simple and powerful method to forming value propositions
Recruiting IT Talent: You will learn about what IT recruiting is like and how they form a compelling value proposition
Selling to the CIO/CTO: We will also look at forming a value proposition with the CIO/CTO
Value Proposition: You will pick software, BI, SaaS or Big Data. You will learn about all the common business models in this field.
Socratic Method: You will get a method that will help you respond to any challenge or objection including how to identify the 5 common objection types
To integrate your learning of big data, BI and IT from Mr. Data as well as the techniques for communication and presentation from The Scale-Up Group.
We will also give you tools from the book “Value Proposition Design” and we will talk about different ways this can be an effective way to gain confidence in your pitch. You come away from this experience understanding how big enterprise buyers work, think and buy. You will also have a commanding presence as an expert, trusted advisor, and executive in your field.
Using this approach, participants will gain confidence in their messaging and their body language. You will genuinely feel differently about yourself and others when asking people for commitment.


Presentation materials are provided electronically (pdf) through The Learning Stone partner platform. Key printed materials are to be kept and we encourage frequent reference following the course. All reprints must be requested by e-mail at
The Challenger Sale, Author: Matthew Dixon Brent Adamson Co-author: Brent Adamson Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd English 240 pages 9780670922857 February 2013
Socratic Method/Objection handling (The Scale-Up Group “steal our stuff”
Value Proposition Design, Co-author: Patricia Papadakos Alan Smith Gregory Bernarda Trish Papadakos Publisher: Wiley English 290 pages 9781118968055 January 2014
Insight Selling, Auteur: Mike Schultz John E. Doerr Uitgever: John Wiley & Sons Inc English 256 pages 9781118875353 June 2014
The Scale-Up Group Self Assessment, this is a proprietary tool and must be licensed Scale-Up Coach if you wish to conduct it for your organization or with clients.

For each meeting and college, presentations can be downloaded via "Mr E-learning". Here are also the additional articles to find and references to internet sites such as Youtube. These pieces are all compulsory literature.

Is this course suitable for me?
This course is suitable for anyone who wants to delve into the world of Big Data Analytics. We provide various trainings and courses in SAP, Big Data and Business Intelligence. We offer different modules at our Business School study in different forms and provide our consultants expertise in strategic issues.

Mr Data Amsterdam + The Scale-Up Group are located in the Metropool building on Weesperstraat 61 in Amsterdam. Spacious office space is spread over five stories with a modern, trendy feel. Our location is very easy to reach by public transport (metro stations Waterlooplein and Weesperstraat).

2.0 Who is MR DATA and The Scale-Up Group?
Founder of MR DATA
Mondy Holten graduated in 2004 in Business Information Systems at the Zuyd University and now has over 8 years experience in the Big Data industry. Since 2008, Mondy Holten has been working in complex international IT projects. In this period he has had experience with various systems such as SAP ERP, SAP Banking & Insurance, SAP BusinessObjects and Tableau. This experience he gained at companies such as Atos, Logica, Imperial Tobacco, COA, Nationale Nederlanden and Mr Data.
2.1 Sales Training Partner (The Scale-Up Group)

Mr. Daniel Douglass graduated in 2001 with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, USA. He has more than 15 years experience in IT sales, support, and customer success. He is an early participant and practitioner of the Challenger Sale method pioneered by CEB and adopted by SAP. He is now the Co-Founder and Partner of The Scale-Up Group, an Amsterdam-based sales and customer success training firm working with platforms like WeWork, TravelBird,, and Catawiki.
What issues will be solved with our training?
The increasing demand for Big Data & BI Salespeople
The demand for skills that serve an IT or Saas environment
The opportunity for commercial sales to retrain in a promising, growing sector.

3.0 Reviews for MR DATA?

4.0 Alternative Training Courses

This document contains general information about Sales Training Course in Big Data & Business Intelligence modules which are to be followed by the MR-Data Business School in Big Data. The Sales Training Course in Big Data & Business Intelligence contains three modules which will be briefly discussed.

If you have questions you can ask one of the training coordinators of MR Data Amsterdam. Homework will be published in our online training environment.

4.1 ERP Training

In this module you will learn all about ERP systems with an emphasis on market leading SAP. Through literature and case studies you will learn all aspects of the program and learn how data in a large enterprise is gathered. In the MR Data web learning environment you will produce relevant homework assignments and presentations.

4.2 Business Intelligence

BI training is dedicated to processing the data into more useful management information. Data visualisation plays an important role in this. You're going to delve into software programs such as Tableau, Qlik and SAS Visual Analytics. Other topics we deal with are data warehousing, ETL, data mining and management dashboards.

4.3 Big Data Web Analytics & Digital Marketing
The last MR Data retraining module consists of Web Analytics, analysing the technical performance of a website, and how you can improve it. Another important topic will be Search Engine Optimisation. Programs that are covered include Google Analytics, Adwords, Hotjar and Lead Page.

4.4 Customer Success

In this module you will learn how to renew IT and Big Data clients in a role where you are in Customer Service or Customer Success. You will learn how to kick-off client engagements from a sales handoff and how to quickly get to a moment of WOW. You will learn how to use the latest engagement systems, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how to get to at least an 80% renewal.

5.0 Optional Internship Placement Program

5.1 Internship opportunities after this course

In the Big Data industry are a lot of job opportunities
IT Recruiter, SAP Recruiter, Big Data Recruiter
Account manager ERP systems, IT Accountmanager
Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)
5.2 Duration and Location
Placements typically involve approximately 40 hours of work per week and last for an ideal period of six months, although shorter or longer durations may also be possible. Starting dates are flexible. Work will be undertaken primarily at Mr Data’s Amsterdam office and there may be opportunities for work-related travel. Qualifications: The Internship Program is open to professionals, recent graduates and graduate students in relevant disciplines. Training: Mr Data Amsterdam and The Scale-Up Group will assign work to participants in all three core thematic areas including software sales, IT recruiting and sales operations. A declaration of sponsorship for an external source is normally required, but exceptionally, a statement of self-sponsorship may also be sufficient. Mr Data Amsterdam will not provide travel or living expenses unless travel is undertaken for specific missions for and on behalf of Mr Data Amsterdam.
5.3 Visas
Visa applications are the sole responsibility of the intern, although Mr Data Amsterdam is willing to provide documentation or support as required. EEA, EU and Swiss nationals do not need visas or work permits to enter Belgium, however a long stay visa will be required for citizens of all other countries. Australia, Canada and New Zealand also have Working Holiday Agreements with Belgium, and past interns from these countries have benefited from these arrangements for their internships. Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders must file their applications for Working Holiday Visas to the Dutch Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries.
5.4 Applications
For further information on the selection process, please contact Mr Data Amsterdam enclosing a cover letter, Curriculum Vitae and writing sample in English, such as an essay or publication on a topic which relates to the work of Mr Data Amsterdam. Please note that only complete applications that include the aforementioned three items will be considered. If applicants do not receive a reply within two weeks, they should review their applications and resubmit them with any missing document(s). Click here to view the profiles of current Mr Data Amsterdam Interns. Please note that we are currently not accepting new internship applications. We will notify through this webpage when the selection process will be re-opened.

If you have questions regarding this document, please contact us directly.

If you have questions regarding this document, please contact us directly.
Telefoon: 040-2668583

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