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Let's start off by watching this
video. Official Coca-Cola "Big Game" Commercial 2014 - America Is Beautiful What you should have just seen was a
big ad for Coca-Cola from this year's (2014 or Super Bowl XLVIII) Super Bowl. I
had you watch that to get you thinking about Globalizati...
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Front Row from left: Jordan Staman of Crawford, NE; Jessica Orose of Rapid City, SD; Charlotte Carlson of Falcon, CO; Cierra Herrmann of Scottsbluff, NE; Jamie Henry of Torrington, WY. Back Row: Nick Yardley of Gordon, NE; Michaela Linders of Rushville, ...
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    One of the things that I must consider before traveling to another country is ethnocentrism. Ethnocentrism is the general concept of a group
holding their culture above all else, or when a person looks at another culture
through the eyes of their own (p...
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Americans in Foreign lands
One of the many options of topics that we are supposed to
talk about before we leave for London includes stereotypes of Americans to
people of other countries, which might be a great thing to consider before
being immersed in their culture and by their peop...
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