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*Unusual Gadgets"  

B-membrane Laptop/Desktop Hybrid

If you feel like stepping out from the crowd,  using some electronic eccentric devices will take you there. These gadgets are not only different but also very useful- all you need is the courage to try them.  Sadly, not many of these devices are available on the market and maybe some of them will never be available. However they will make you curious about them as they are the product of ingenuity. Even if you are not an electronic gadget passionate, you will be attracted by their design and their functions. You may not find them useful now but at some time in the future maybe you will find their utility.

This gadget was the B-membrane Laptop/Desktop Hybrid which is a mother ship-like laptop/desktop hybrid. B-membrane is different because it doesn't have a monitor but rather a cone-shaped design that sits on top of a circular disk, which makes the computer look like a mother ship
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not sure you could use that one on the train!;-)
Sure you could... if you had the back of a seat in front of you!
Might be a little tricky! :) 
Oh Oh... lie on your back and angle your knees so that you project it onto the ceiling you're looking at.... this thing has auto-keystone right? lol
Great idea, you can see it but can you still type lol
hrm... Speech to Text has come a long way... OOOOH....

Eye Tracking!
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