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Thank you Kathryn!  This simply appalls me. The insulting tone used to describe real people with feelings and insecurities was absolutely uncalled for. Sadly, we live in a world where this kind of demeaning insult is considered funny.

Is it "literary" to make a judgment about someone based on their appearance? "A large woman who seems warm and un-sass-able; if she weren’t doing this, she could be working afternoons on a cowboy bar.” This is beyond insulting and could probably be said about me. The fact is, I am large, warm and un-sass-able but have never worked in a bar. Rather, I am a highly paid consultant who is not only published in medical journals but quite comfortable in the board room of a pharmaceutical company, or across the table from the FDA. And yes, I also write romance.

I am not an indie writer, but rather am published by a small press. The same dynamic applies, they move faster and more efficiently to take advantage of a changing market. Legacy publishers and scads of agents never responded to my queries, but now I have a published novel that has been in the top 100 in its genre on Amazon since shortly after release 6 months ago thanks to a small press and a new paradigm.

I too will be there in Vegas this summer--with the owner of the small press who publishes my work. Cool the way that works. We are going because it's fun. Point and laugh if you wish.
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