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Lights in Lapland
biggest attraction One of the elements
which provides a year-round draw to Lapland is simply its natural light. It is
unique. It is breathtaking. And the best of all, it is completely free to
enjoy. At whatever part of the year you choose to trave...

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De Finse taal - test jezelf!
De Finse
taal, ofwel ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ Het Fins behoort tot de Finno-Oegrische (Oeralische) talen,
uit de familie van Oostzeefins. De meest nauw verwante talen zijn het
Karelisch, Estisch en het Hongaars. Fins wordt geschreven in he...

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De Zweedse keuken: er is meer dan gehaktballetjes!
Eén van de beste extra’s wanneer je naar Zweden reist is
zeker en vast de lokale keuken. Volledig vers, en van hoge kwaliteit, maar het merendeel
van de namen van de ingrediënten en gerechten kan je niet eens uitspreken. Zweden
weer achterlaten is steeds me...

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Swedish cuisine: there’s more than just meatballs!
One of the
best extra’s when traveling to Swedish Lapland
is definitely the cuisine. Truly fresh and high-quality food which most of us haven’t even heard of, and often can’t even pronounce! Leaving Sweden is always
with the feeling that your appetites have...

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Midsummer festivities in Sweden
school is out and Sweden’s nature a n d
ambience burst into life. The sun literally
never sets! This calls for celebration, friends and family gather for the most typical of all Swedish
traditions: Midsummer. Summer
holidays Sweden’s
traditions ar...

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An Aurora Odyssey through Lapland
3 different northern light locations in
one holiday, it's now possible! Not only is it plenty of fun, it also puts your
Lapland experience on a higher level.  3 unique spots on the globe, all
located high above the Polar Circle at at least 66° north, each w...

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Wat te eten in IJsland?
Enkele tips uit de lokale keuken die je zeker geproefd moet
hebben tijdens je verblijf op IJslandse bodem: 1/ Skyr Een verfijnd zuivelproduct, qua textuur vergelijkbaar met
yoghurt, maar technisch gezien een zachte kaas. Skyr is populair vanwege het
lage ve...

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The best ICEhotel experiences
1.       The original ICEbar A drink in the ICEbar is a highlight of everyone’s
stay at the ICEhotel. Drinking colorful vodka cocktails out of ice glasses at   a bar made
of ice, whilst surrounded by ice from floor to ceiling. The temperature is -5°

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Aurora hunters: Chad Blakley at Abisko
Lights over Lapland: aurora photo hunting In search of an unforgettable experience while staying at Abisko? Participate in a most interesting and instructive activity: go aurora hunting with top photographer Chad Blakley! Chad is bound to help you greatly i...
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