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When the press and police actively make up stories about motorcycle clubs...why do you think they are actively truthing on ANY thing else?

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People came to pray...on sacred this okay with you? Military ac action from the air and the ground...unarmed men women and children and elders....came to pray.

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Watch ALL of the Truth About Memory Loss -- for FREE (no optin) this weekend.

The constitution and the bible.....two VERY separate documents that are often "read" the same way. What people say is in them, know is in them; and what they "mean" are far flung from the actual written verbiage. And when you ask for the place "that is written" it becomes a bunny trail of sense of non.....AKA new year tastes just like last...

Happy New Year ....May we all have a peace filled year....

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notice their note "Literally everything."  People that know her from destroying HP are NOT surprised! 

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The Better Business Bureau says an email scam is circulating, using Google Docs to disguise a phishing scam. The emails appear to be recruiting you for a new job, but really they are a way to steal your password.

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