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Wonderful Winter Day
Anyone else agree with me when I say "Will Winter ever be over?" We've been in a deep freeze for a few weeks here while friends and family in the Eastern Provinces have been dealing with mega snow storms. I don't know, sometimes I'd take the snow over the -...

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree is one of my favorite symbols of Christmas.  To me it represents a gathering place, the focal point of Christmas celebrations.  I love our annual trek to the tree lot (that makes it sound more romantic than it's actually a bunch o...

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Our Summer Story
We are well into Fall - most notably marked by the fact my husband just left this morning for his annual moose hunting trip. Fall really is my favorite time of year.  I love everything about it - colored leaves, apples, cool days, warm sweaters.  But in rea...

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A Letter To My Daughter
To Emma On Your First Day Of Senior Kindergarten: Well I suppose I have started a tradition. This week you boarded the bus for your first day of Senior Kindergarten (SK).  Traveling to school with no idea where your classroom was or who your teacher would b...

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Happy 2nd Birthday Dustin!
So Dustin turned May.  I'm so ridiculously behind in writing posts. For Dustin's birthday I vowed not to do an elaborate party because only a month before we hosted our first annual Easter Egg Hunt. But I needed to do something and because Dustin is ...

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New Easter Tradition
I love traditions especially the ones that occur around holidays. So this Easter I started a new tradition for my Ontario family and friends...The Graham Family Easter Egg Hunt, based on the Easter Egg Hunt held each year in Nova Scotia by my mom's family. ...

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Embracing Winter...Yeah I'm Done With That
Up until last week I could say I really embraced Winter this year. I joined a women's snowshoe group and discovered area trails and parks I didn't even know existed and spent time with amazing ladies while doing so. We enjoyed many fantastic outdoor activit...

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Happy 1 Year "Raising Two and Everything Else I Do"
My blog turns one year old today!  This week I went back and re-read all my posts.  What a fun way to remember a year of events, thoughts and memories.  I think my favorites were A Brook, Some Rubber Boots and Childhood Memories , Maple Syrup Season , Straw...

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The Weather Outside Is Frightful
As I sit here and write this we're getting yet another snowstorm so the weather outside really is frightful.  As I stated in my N ew Year's greeting , I'm dedicating my next few posts to prolonging the Christmas spirit.   Outside decorations fall within my ...

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Happy New Year!
As you'll know from my Merry Christmas post I ran out of time to send Christmas greetings as well as a lot of other things.  I have many blog posts written in my head that all relate to my favorite time of year - Christmas!  But alas, not one of them have b...
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