This is what your posts look to us when G+ identifies you as a spammer

One of the tough things about running a community is getting people to understand how G+'s spam filters work...

In our experience, the G+ spam filter works really well, in 95% of the cases and is a life-saver to community moderators.
But in 5% of the cases, it catches people that are novices and, perhaps, a little too enthusiastic about sharing with too many communities at the same time.

To help this 5%, we do the following:
- we press "Make visible" so that your post is now visible to the community
- we notify you in the comments that G+ is identifying you as a spammer
- we try to work with you to help you "lift the stigma", if you want to play ball with us & post our way
- there are some sad cases when people, on hearing this warning from us, freak out & think that they were blacklisted because of us
- it is important to understand that you get flagged as a spammer because of your own behavior

If G+ identifies you as a persistent spammer, then life can get tougher: suspension.  This is what someone that kept flaunting the rules received:
"After reviewing your profile, we determined that some contents (for example, name, text, images) violates the Rules relating to the content and user behavior or the Rules for the Google+ Names Policy. Keep in mind that the profiles are only allowed to individuals, for businesses and for other types of organizations need to use Google+ Pages.
Until suspended, you will not be able to use all the features of Google services that require an active profile, such as Google+, Reader and Picasa. This will not prevent you from using other Google services, like Gmail.
If you believe that your profile has been suspended in error, or if you have recently changed to make it compatible with our policies, please send a request for reconsideration.
Your profile will be reviewed again and if it complies with our policies, it will be unlocked. In general, the review procedure is completed in a few days.
We apologize for any inconvenience."
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