Why do we need foodies+ and food blogs in the age of wikipedia & googling?

- If can find 2,500,000 recipes by googling "Guacamole", why do I need foodies+ or a food blog?

A food community or blog is an experiment, a leap of faith, that has to prove itself every day.  It does, when it can deliver something that online search cannot: interaction, exchange, caring, a circle of people you can turn to for advice, support and more than a few laughs.

We set out to create a "bistro" gathering, a place to hang out, meet with familiar faces, exchange ideas.  As always in a table, food is the excuse.  It is the interaction that is the substance.

Interaction creates relationships & relationships are the foundation of trust.  Once trust gets established, people can cooperate, work together & help each other.

Here is an example on how this would work between a community & a network of blogs:
- the idea is that it is very hard to establish your blog all alone in the chaotic & increasingly technical internet
- the best way for your blog to be found by Google search is if many different sites link to it
- so if "Roast Chicken Recipe" of Blog A has a link at the end to "Stuffed Chicken Recipe" of Blog B (& vice versa), both sites benefit
- so instead of Blog A & Blog B thinking of each other as competitors, they  now think of each other as partners
- imagine this multiplied by 100 times, 1000 times etc
- how do you build these relationships of trust & how do you coordinate these initiatives? Through the community.
- the community guarrantees quality & promotes trust among members, participants & the reading public
- once that is established, the community can offer lots of opportunities to interlink posts, sites, blogs & apps together
- this is just one example of how this could develop, there are many others

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