Linking our recipes in foodies+: a new foodies+ initiative: Recipe Interlink

All foodies+ members can now interlink each other's posts of recipes related to each other.  This means either the same recipe or approximately the same recipe or two recipes sharing the same key ingredient.  
This shows a spirit of community & is very useful to anyone trying the recipe: always better to see more than one recipe when you embark on a new cooking adventure, no?
In addition, interlinked posts will play an important role in upcoming foodies+ initiatives to promote select recipes & members.

- both +Anne Ricci ( & +Marie Hélène Visconti  ( have posted Recipes on Madeleines at foodies+
- when you visit each of these 2 posts, you will find that they are interlinked: Each post contains a link to the other’s post.  Anne's post links to MH's & MH's to Anne's
- this way, when one find Anne’s recipe, one is also quickly & easily guided to Marie Hélène’s & vice versa
- so the format for the interlink looks like: +Marie Hélène Visconti of foodies+ has also posted a recipe for Madeleines here:
- this interlinking "extends" the life & usefulness of each post by providing an additional way of arriving to it
- it is also a compliment and a gesture from one member to another, as it is entirely optional & done member-to-member & not through moderators

How do you do it?
- you post your own recipe
- if you know of someone else who has posted a similar recipe, you link to that post
- then you contact them on a comment on their post, inviting them to interlink yours
- please try to keep the format of the interlink standardized (the same) 
- place it as the post's last line or, the line just before your blog link
- the general format would be:
<+member's name> of foodies+ has also posted a recipe for <recipe name> here: <link to recipe post>

Example invitation:
- see the comment by +nomad dimitri  on the post by +ada parisi (here: asking to interlink to his post (here:
- if the person you invite does not understand what you are asking, send them to this post (

Don’t be shy now... there are plenty of chicken recipes begging for an interlink, for example!!!
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