Table Manners for New Foodies+ Members: Read, Comment, THEN Post

In general, it is not a good idea to introduce yourself in the community by posting too soon.  Remember, as in real life, "first impressions count".  Our most successful members take their time:
- First, you can read the posts of some of our top members in our our "Best of Foodies+" here: to get an idea of how the community works
- While reading, you can comment & +1 your favorite posts & interact with the other members, both those that have posted & those that have commented
- Sooner or later, you will start making friends: other members will reply to you & start remembering you: you will start getting along with people here.  People may start to "ping" you to get your advice or to comment on their posts
- Once you have a couple of friends, it may be time to make your first post.  Your new friends will now look forward to reading you & will probably comment, ask you questions & welcome you.  If your post does not get enough attention, you can also "ping" them
- It helps to think "social" rather than "networking": for example, introduce people to each other when you think they could get along. When you know two or more people that share the same passion or have the same question, don't you think it's nice to put them in touch, to make a connection?
- The magic of human interaction is that there are, really, no rules.  On the other hand, human interaction can also be fragile and vulnerable, dependent on subtle factors and in need of nourishment and... (why not?) as with cooking, a bit of TLC.  In general:  thoughtful & sensitive is more conducive to human interaction than sloppy & callous.

Thanks for helping keep Foodies+ nice & friendly!

Bon appetit!

NOTE: "Hijacking" is not a crime in Foodies+, feel free to let the conversation roll: as in real life, comments on the most successful posts go all over the place:
-- l learned how to deal with a goose attack, in a post that was about... I don't remember
-- a post on chicken ended up discussing treating cast iron pots
-- poking fun at german cooking got mixed with Jane Austen in another post
-- a modern focaccia recipe got nods & advice from an italian traditionalist in another (Confession: we all just really want the italian to deliver us a bunch of his focaccias IRL!)
-- chinese new year deserts are being prepared alongside a cornucopia of kelp, fritattas, octopus & curried cassava leaves
-- a have three jars of sauerkraut fermenting & I am seriously considering following a member's mozzarella video, if I can muster the courage
-- and I am not the only one: members are experimenting with other members' recipes & ideas all the time, learning about new flavors & new ways, and making new connections in the process
Further reading:
- More details guidelines:
- Some ideas about your G+ profile:
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