How to promote your food blog at foodies+...
... and not get banned as a spammer!

G+ Communities are inundated with spam.
At foodies+ we have  zero tolerance to spam: if we consider you a spammer you will be banned.

The G+ spam filter is pretty good.  When your post in our community is labelled as spam by G+ (, we will automatically remove your post.
If the G+ spam filter is wrong & you are "innocent", your only recourse with us is to become known to us through your comments & interaction in Foodies+.  We will then check your stream & if we confirm you are not a spammer, we will help you rehabilitate your status.

Briefly: we consider it more polite to comment on  other people's posts for a while & THEN start posting your stuff.

In Detail:
Foodies+ does not accept recipe posts that are simply links to members' food blogs.  
We believe members should have the choice of where they read recipes: at foodies+ OR on your blogs OR both: this means you need to share your full recipe at foodies+, not just a photo or a teaser.
You are welcome to include your blog's link AT THE FINAL LINE OF YOUR POST as long as your post includes: 
- introduction / description of the dish
- full recipe
- photo (at your option: completed dish, preparation, ingredients etc)

The idea is that "our favorite recipes" develops into a members' recipe book, where complete recipes can be found along with useful commentary & discussion.
You are welcome to replicate (cut & paste) all this information from your blog.  The point here is that members that are interested in your recipe should be able to see the complete recipe at foodies+.  If they enjoy it, they can click on the link to visit your blog at their option and learn more about you and your recipes.

All posts that do not conform to this policy will be deleted.  Members that submit incorrectly more than 3 times will be removed.
Thanks for keeping our bistro nice & tidy!

This is what we do to spammers:
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