How to meet people & have fun in Foodies+: Listen, Meet, THEN Talk

- When you are in a gathering, a party or a restaurant, do you walk up to a group of people having a discussion, interrupt them and start talking about yourself?
> (This is what you do when, upon joining a community, you link your blog in your first post or you start posting before spending a few minutes reading what's there already & "getting your bearings")

- When people meet you, do you think they would be more interested to learn about your or do you think they would rather have you recount a newspaper article you just read?
> (This is what you do when, upon joining a community, you throw a link to an online article you liked without adding anything to it)

- When people invite you to a gathering, do you think it is because they want to engage in a dialog with you or because they would rather listen to your monologue?
> (This is what you do when, in a community, you only post but never comment on others' posts and never engage with other members.  If you find NONE of them worthwhile, perhaps it is time to leave?)

Now that you know what NOT to do, here is what to do, before your first post

NOTE: The easiest way for new members to understand how Foodies+ "works"  is by reading & commenting on our "SPECIAL EDITION" here:  This is where most new members make their first friends here.  You can  easily visit the "SPECIAL EDITION" by clicking the dedicated link on the left side of the Foodies+ Community main page.

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