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Ready for the oven!

Phones at this price point really take my interest away from most if not all other new devices. 

Can we get a government that lives within it's means? I find it difficult to understand how the house can be run in a deficit so large. 

I now have three clicks to view Google news. Chrome->icons drop - down thing - - >News. :( 

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Samsung Announces A Mid-Range 4.7", Android 4.1 Phone Called The Galaxy ... Ugh... 'Win'. - - shared from Taptu

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Cleo says "hi". 

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CyanogenMod Integrates CWM Superuser Into Settings - - shared from Taptu

Does $1300.00 seem a little steep for a chrome book? 

Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail throws some form of "Internal Error". Then you notice that there are updates to install. Then error is fixed. Had this happen twice and the error will not report either.

loving Raring Alpha!
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