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Super Mates Has Moved to Fire and Water Podcast Network!
We've moved! New and archived episodes of Super Mates can now be found exclusively at the Fire and Water Podcast Network Headquarters ! Chris and Cindy are very proud to be a part of the Fire and Water Network! Please join us there! Thanks for listening to ...

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Super Mates 58: Future Quest and Feedback
a tie-in to the NEW Fire & Water
Show, Saturday Morning Fever , Chris
and Cindy take a look at the first two issues of DC’s new Future Quest series, starring the Hanna Barbera action heroes like Jonny Quest and Space
Ghost ! Then it’s time to dig into ...

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Super Mates 57: The Phantom –1996
Blockbusters That Weren’t, Part 2 ! Chris and Cindy head to the jungles of Bengalla to talk about the 1996 film, The Phantom , starring Billy Zane ! The Ghost Who Walks gets involved in a globetrotting adventure
surrounding a set of mystical skulls !...

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Super Mates 56: The Shadow –1994
Blockbusters That Weren’t ! Chris and Cindy examine the 1994 film adaptation of pulp
and radio’s Master of Darkness, The
Shadow , starring Alec Baldwin and
Penelope Ann Miller . Does it hold up today, despite its less-than-stellar
box office returns?...

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Super Mates 55: Starman Chronicles Part 5
adventures of Jack Knight continue
in Starman #17-19 . Another trip to Opal City brings
an epilogue to the epic “Sins of the
Child” storyline, a “Times Past” story starring the original Astral
Avenger , and a “ Talking with David” issue! Plus, the Sha...

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Super Mates Mini-sode: The Flash Season 2 Finale!
Chris, Cindy and son
Andrew share their thoughts on The Flash Season 2 finale …in a
ON THE SEASON FINALE AND DC: REBIRTH!!!! Download directly or via iTunes . This podcast is a
proud member of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK ...

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Super Mates 54: JLMay Crossover Part 5! JLA: Year One #9
epic JLMay podcast crossover continues! Chris and Cindy take a
look at JLA: Year On e #9 by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, Barry Kitson and
Michael Bair. The JLA are at their
lowest point while Locus strikes! Plus, every DC fan’s wish: Snapper Carr gets h...

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Super Mates Episode 53: Captain America Toys!
episode, Chris and Cindy begin a new
recurring feature, Tales from the Toy
Chest! This new series will cover a comic
character’s history in plastic , from the first licensed products through
today. With Captain America: Civil War only a week away, wh...

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Super Mates Episode 52: Disney/Universal Spring Break!
  Join Chris, Cindy and son Andrew as they recount their recent
trip to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida ! Along the
way they met some podcasting friends, had a face to mask encounter with Kylo Ren , were examined by Jawas , saluted Captain ...

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Super Mates Episode 51: The Batman Superman Movie: Animated!
in time for the debut of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , Chris, Cindy and son Andrew discuss the ORIGINAL Batman/Superman movie , the 3-part Superman Animated Series episode, “World’s Finest”! The Joker has a
large supply of Kryptonite and a
need ...
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