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Sine Metu.
Sine Metu.
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WoA demo is weeks away from release... Full length to by the end of the year. It's like chaos in captivity. Hopefully it won't kill it before we can release it into the wild.

This seems to bbe starting off as just you run of the mill fucked up Monday... I'm gonna stand. fight. resist. Fuck you Monday, it ain't gonna happen today.

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I should be a fuckin' lion tamer. Not for Halloween... I'm saying as an occupation. A damn lion tamer.

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Lets us take a moment and remember... the end.

My problem is that I'm full of solutions.

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It'll mess with your eyes... and your mind.

+Mike Barrett If you're reading this... you are in circleFACE

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Feel like I'm running in circles... oh wait.
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