It’s critical to understand is that it wasn’t the company’s culture that drove a team to work through the weekend fixing an issue that had nothing to do with their day jobs. It was the people themselves. 

What the founders did so well was create a culture that attracted the kind of people who were naturally inclined to tackle tough problems, and provide them with an environment where they could thrive. Yes, this took place at Google. But with the right mission, passionate employees, and plenty of freedom and trust, it’s the kind of thing that could happen anywhere.

Loved this article. What I remember being so impressed with at the time was how little senior management and traditional company hierarchy mattered in all of this. When Larry spotted poorly targeted AdWords ads, he didn’t have to route a message down the chain to the ads people, or wait for a task force to form (in fact, Jonathan and I weren’t even informed until the problem was already solved).

Instead, he knew he could just point out the issue and count on the right people to take care of it because they were as invested in providing a great user experience as he was. That kind of dedication can’t be taught – it comes from having a clear mission, hiring passionate people, and then providing them with the trust and resources they need to do what’s best for the company. #HowGoogleWorks

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