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Fucking wabi-sabi!

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We walked across Manhattan twice (and up to 35th and back) enjoying the empty streets and blustering wind. We return home to find "music of the spheres" via qikipedia. Musical notes played according to the orbital velocity of our planets. Very nice.

In the 1800s, during the Irish temperance movement, people who had taken The Pledge often drank liquid ether, instead of booze, to get wasted. The downside? Highly flammable, not to mention fetid, farts and belches.

Opium was the drug of choice in Rome, a habit adopted from the Greeks but found in Mesopotamian hot spots as early as 3000 BC. Galen made it hip. Marcus Aurelius could not do without it. Which means "Meditations" -- that classic work of Stoic philosophy which maintains the key to transcending human suffering is the denial of emotion -- was written by a man who was completely strung out. Yep.

Much ado...

Made soup for the lovelies this morning. Now off to Museum of the Moving Image for the Jim Henson exhibit. And perhaps a spot of Guillermo del Toro before the hurricane hits?

Off to Bed-Stuy to physically block the eviction of 82-year great-grandmother who was victim of a predatory subprime mortgage lender. Bless her.

Don't threaten me with love, baby. Let's just go walking in the rain. - Billie Holiday

Yesterday more than made up for the day before. It was good. Double-plus good. The 4th floor is done! Carmen pointed out that I have now put paint on the walls of every floor at St. Joe's. I count myself blessed.

It happened that green and crazy summer... - Carson McCullers
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