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Unbuckle your seat belts, we're go for launch!

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Stop this madness.
Stop the rockets, but lift the siege. The Israelis must seek a sovereign state for Palestinians

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I implemented a nontrivial algorithm in Apple's Swift, and the performance was miserable. Then I started digging deeper, and noticed that something as simple as sorting an array of integers can be surprisingly slow in Swift.

Here are some benchmarks that compare Swift, pure Python, and C++. I am just sorting an array with 1 million random integers, using the "sort" function from the standard library:

— C++ -O3: 0.06 s
— C++ -O0: 0.06 s
— Python: 0.6 s
– Swift -O3: 6 s
– Swift -O0: 88 s.

Both the C++ compiler (clang++) and the Swift compiler were from Apple's Xcode 6 beta.

Seriously, what is wrong here? Of course I am a total beginner with Swift, but I do not see much room for user errors here: "let y = sort(x)", where x is a million-element array of type "Int[]".

#swift   #notsoswift  

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Motörhead x Finnish rautalanka
From the deep core of the Finnish culture comes this. 

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I've been watching you, a lalalala int32, a lalalala int64 LE int128, come on, a lalalala int32, a lalalala int64 LE int128, hey-a.

(inspired by +Jari Komppa)

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Pay what you want.
This week’s Humble Weekly Sale features Rochard from Recoil Games! Name your price and get Rochard and Rochard: Hard Times DRM-free and on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, plus the Rochard digital art book and original soundtrack!

Check out the site for more details!

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Christos Papadimitriou lecturing in Kumpula tomorrow

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